Master's Candidate Program Declaration and Application Process

 Two-Step Process

Step One: Declaration Process for Juniors and First Semester Seniors

  • Print and fill out the Master’s Candidate Program Declaration Form, and drop it of at the Graduate Student and Academic Services Office (295 LaCava Center) during normal business hours.
  • Master’s Candidate Declaration Forms Accepted:  Students may submit their declaration form to the Office of Graduate Student and Academic Services (295 LaCava Center) as early as 8:30 am of the first semester of junior year to 4:30 pm on “Reading Day” of first (not final) semester of senior year.  Any student that misses the deadline noted above must contact the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Business (295 LaCava Center) for guidance on the different admission requirements for Bentley University non-Master’s Candidate students.
  • After declaration students will be eligible for the blended term in the last semester of senior year as long as they have maintained the minimum cumulative 3.20 GPA requirement.

  • Filling out the declaration form is only the first step. Students must finalize their intent for graduate study by filing an official application with Graduate Admission in the final semester of senior year.

Step Two: Final Application Process for Seniors

  • In the last semester of senior year (class code 8), students in the program must submit an application for admission to the Graduate School. Students must have a minimum cumulative 3.20 GPA to be eligible to complete the final step.
  • Graduate Admission Application Process

Declaration forms will not be accepted from students in the final semester of their senior year (class code 8).