Success Factors Seminars

Success Factors Seminars (SFS) are offered in the fall and spring before classes begin. Seminar dates are included with course registration materials and seminar registration is completed through MyBentley.

2013 Success Factors Series (View Taped Events)

Crucial Conversations for Managing Differences

This seminar examines a set of tools necessary for transforming your communication style. Learn how to be persuasive and powerful during difficult and important conversations in education, the work place, and in life.

Effective Teams

Group assignments are common in graduate school and in the work setting. The Effective Teams seminar will help you learn how to make group experiences work for you; how to effectively manage participation from all members and how to better use time at meetings.

Engaging Presentations

Oral presentations are common in graduate school and the workplace. The Engaging Presentations seminar will help you learn techniques for delivering engaging presentations as well as gain an understanding of the varying expectations regarding oral presentations.

High Quality Research

Attend the High Quality Research seminar to learn how to successfully navigate and access Bentley’s abundant resources, conduct efficient literature searches, and use technology to improve your research skills.

How to Analyze a Case

The Case Analysis seminar will help you learn how to understand different approaches to using business cases and will heighten your awareness of various methods for generating and evaluating solution options.

Persuasive Writing

The Persuasive Writing Seminar will help you learn how to write clearly and authoratatively. This seminar will also cover important issues related to academic integrity in the writing process.

Graduate Student and Academic Services is responsible for the coordination and presentation of the SFS series. Please send any questions or comments regarding the series to