2011 Service Awards Recipients

45 Years of Service

Badri Aghassi  Natural And Applied Sciences
Alexander Zampieron Economics

35 Years of Service

William J. Buchholz  Info Design & Corp Communication
Priscilla A. Burnaby  Accountancy
Patricia M. Flynn  Economics
Dale F. Kuntz  Economics
Stephen D. Lichtenstein  Law, Tax & Financial Planning
John E. Lynch  Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Brian H. MacIver  Accountancy
Joseph A. Soly  Trades/Building Operations

30 Years of Service

Joseph F. Byrnes  Management
David H. Carhart  Mathematical Science
Laura M. Crary  Management
Michael Frank  English and Media Studies
Alfred M. Galante  Mathematical Science
Stephen G. Grubaugh Economics
Gregory J. Hall  Natural and Applied Sciences
Bruce I. Herzberg  English and Media Studies
Diane M. Kellogg  Management
Gary E. Kelly  University Advancement Operations
Jerry M. Leabman  Finance
Elliott S. Levy  Accountancy
David C. Lundy  Building Services
Linda McJannet  English and Media Studies
Colleen K. Murphy  Graduate School
Joseph J. Newpol  Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Barbara H. Paul-Emile  English and Media Studies
Richard L. Perkins  Trades/Building Operations
Enza A. Rapatano-O'Connell  Library
Marion E. Tierney  Management
Martha Tolpin  History
Yvonne J. Yaw  English and Media Studies
Edward A. Zlotkowski  English and Media Studies

25 Years of Service

W. Timothy Anderson   Sociology
Earl L. Avery   Office of Equal Opportunity
Thomas G. Boerman   Athletics
Julianne Britt   Purchasing, Admin & Campus Services
Joanne F. Cantone   Human Resources
Marie P. Caruso   Athletics
Mark M. Davis   Management
Judith H. Ducey   Advancement Info Sys & Services
Anthony C. Falco   Grounds
Doreen E. Floyd   Student Life
Robert E. Frederick   Philosophy
William M. Gribbons   Info Design & Corp Communication
Robert E. Hannigan   History
John O. Hayward   Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Norman H. Josephy   Mathematical Science
Theodore A. Kennette   Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Jay P. Lawson   Athletics
Traci A. Logan   Office of the President
Joseph S. Lombardi   Management
Gerald A. Madek  Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Kenneth P. McGourty   Mathematical Science
Carroll F. McMahon   Mathematical Science
Brenda Neshe   Advancement Info Sys & Services
JoAnne E. O'Beirne   Human Resources
Robert P. Quirk   Trades/Building Operations
Franklyn P. Salimbene   Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Satya Prakash Saraswat   Information and Process Management
Jacqueline S. Seward   Office of Academic Services
Terrance M. Skelton   Info Design & Corp Communication
Barbara A. Stevens   Athletics
Tanja S. Supprise   Academic Technology Center
Steven F. Szymaniak   Grounds
Christine B. Williams   Global Studies

20 Years of Service

Lynn S. Arenella   Natural and Applied Sciences
Eva Arico   Facilities Management
Mary M. Barrucci   Building Services
Claudette D. Blot   Multicultural Center
Leland Campbell   Marketing
Mary E. Chiasson   Business Ethics Center
Ronald H. Evans   Natural and Applied Sciences
Brooks Farry  Athletics
Donna Fletcher Brown  Finance
Ellen R. Foxman  Marketing
Glenn E. Frank  Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Alexander Gribanov  History
Orrin D. Gulley   Economics
Charles R. Hadlock   Mathematical Science
Dominique M. Haughton   Mathematical Science
Brenda K. Hawks   Counseling and Student Development
Judith A. Klein   English and Media Studies
Kevin J. Knell   Financial Operations
Philip M. Lowe   Marketing
Paula Marsden   Building Services
Donna E. McKnight-Iwany   Financial Operations
Eileen M. McMorran   Natural and Applied Sciences
Stephen W. Mock   Natural and Applied Sciences
Nivia L. Mogan   Financial Assistance
Charlene E. O'Brien   Management
Karen K. Osterheld   Accountancy
Mary Louise Pauli   CorpFoundation & Sponsored Programs
Mary Ann Robbert   Information and Process Management
Marie L. Rock   Management
David L. Schwarzkopf   Accountancy
John A. Sims   University Advancement Operations

15 Years of Service

Iris Berdrow   Management
Patricia A. Cahill   Principal Gifts
Pamela S. Carpenter   English and Media Studies
Kristine Cirino-Calvo   Mathematical Science
Jay G. Cooprider   Computer Information Systems
Samir Dayal   English and Media Studies
Bernard W. Farrell   Trades/Building Operations
Cheryl A. Fitzgerald   Graduate Admissions
Jennifer L. Gillan   English and Media Studies
Martha A. Howe   Accountancy
Donna M. Kendall   Financial Assistance
Kelly A. LeBlanc   Web Services
Lorraine McCue   Registrar
Paul V. Montesino   Information and Process Management
Madalyn T. Mula   Miller Center for Career Services
Clifford W. Putney   History
Anne E. Reagan   Financial Assistance
Arthur E. Reed   Accountancy
James L. Salsbury   Management
Mary K. Samko   Athletics
William T. Schiano   Computer Information Systems
Susan Simpson   Marketing Communication
Erland V. Sorensen   Mathematical Science
Stanley E. Spangler   Global Studies
Jay C. Thibodeau   Accountancy
Jennifer L. Thibodeau   Miller Center for Career Services
Diane M. Whelan   Office of Chief Operating Officer
Roy A. Wiggins   Dean of Business & Graduate School

10 Years of Service

Patricia E. Abramson   Administrative Computing
Patricia A. Aucoin   Office of Academic Services
Tamara Babaian   Computer Information Systems
Donna J. Bacchiocchi   Library
Maria M. Bergmann   Financial Operations
Pierre Berthon   Marketing
H. Michael Boyd   Management
Pierre L. Cadet   Building Services
Patricia M. Carroll   Undergraduate Admission
Richard J. Cleary   Mathematical Science
Paul Clemente   Office of the President
Roseann M. Cotoni   Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Ian R. Cross   Marketing
Mary J. Culnan   Information and Process Management
Lisa A. Curtin   Library
Elizabeth G. D'Alencar   Building Services
Wiley C. Davi   English and Media Studies
William J. Deveau   Building Services
Michael S. DiBlasi   Building Services
Kevin V. Do   Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Linda F. Edelman   Management
Ronald A. Fetter   Financial Assistance
Panashe J. Flint   University Police
Nancy L. Harnden   Mathematical Science
Sharon F. Hill   Graduate Admissions
Suzanne M. Hughes   Financial Operations
Barbara S. Hyle   Miller Center for Career Services
Junior T. James   Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Gesa E. Kirsch   English and Media Studies
Jill N. Lund   Administrative Computing
Peter D. Mattison   Natural and Applied Sciences
Martin M. McCarthy   Athletics
Tara A. McCauley   Center for Health &  Wellness
Brian J. McHugh   Building Services
Angela J. Middleton-Abdullah   Human Resources
Scott C. Millen   Financial Operations
Kimberly A. Morin   Library
Nada I. Nasr   Marketing
Prema Nethala   Administrative Computing
Joseph D. Nezuh   Academic Technology Center
Steven J. Nichols   Natural and Applied Sciences
James H. Noviello   Trades/Building Operations
Anne W. Rawls   Sociology
Amy W. Ray   Information and Process Management
Jessica J. Roche   University Police
Bozenna K. Rochford   Undergraduate Admission
David Routsis   Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Raul Santiago   Building Services
Melissa J. Sawyer   Miller Center for Career Services
Gaurav R. Shah   Academic Technology Center
John B. Shepherd   Economics
Ryan Soderquist   Athletics
Gerald W. Speca   English and Media Studies
Sherry A. Spencer   Financial Operations
Brian P. Stephens   Housing & Student Systems
Rita C. Strout   Office of Academic Services
Steven P. Sylvester   Trades/Building Operations
Heikki Topi   Computer Information Systems
Fred M. Tuffile   Management
Saufanie Venerin   Building Services
Bruce D. Weinberg   Marketing
Annette Wong   Philosophy
Wilson Wong   Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey D. Wright   Marketing Programs
5 Years of Service

Bridie J. Andrews   History
Nader Asgary   Management
Muriel Auguste   Building Services
Anne M. Baker   Information and Process Management
Jean C. Bedard   Accountancy
Paul D. Berger   Marketing
Carol Ann Boughrum   Dean of Business & Graduate School
Sandra L. Bryer   Undergraduate Admission
Arthur M. Carvalho   Computer Lab Services
Gonzalo A. Chavez   Finance
Cynthia Clark Williams   Management
Eddy F. Clervil   Building Services
John M. Connelly   Building Services
Paul J. Cormier   Electrical
Suzanne M. Cucchi   Client Services
Wendy A. D'Ambrose   Miller Center for Career Services
Macee T. Damon   Library
Jonathan Darrow   Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Nina DeAgrela   Student Affairs
Michele A. DeGregorio   Athletics
Pericles Diamantopoulos   Building Services
Marie J. DiBona   Accountancy
Rocco DiFilippo   Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Stephen J. DiFonte   Computing Facility Support
Shannon E. Eagan   Financial Operations
Michelle R. Edmonds   Housing & Student Systems
Jennifer L. Ehalt   Undergraduate Admission
Kewold Elysee   Building Services
Ronica K. Eng   Computer Lab Services
Otgontsetseg Erhemjamts   Finance
Bonnie N. Field   Global Studies
Amy E. Galante   Library
Keith D. Garosshen   Administrative Computing
Leigh K. Gaspar   University Advancement Operations
Henrietta K. Genfi   Office of Academic Services
Jessica S. Greher Traue   Center for Health &  Wellness
Helen F. Henrichs   Office of Public & Media Relations
Anne W. Herzog-Rousseau   Center for Health &  Wellness
David J. Iodice   Facilities Management
Anthony E. Kiszewski   Natural and Applied Sciences
Mary E. Lane   Administrative Computing
Fred D. Ledley   Natural and Applied Sciences
Cristi Lindblom   Accountancy
Barbara L. MacLean   Purchasing, Admin & Campus Services
Tatiana S. Manolova   Management
Karl G. Martinsen   University Police
Gregory S. Maynard   University Advancement Operations
Donna M. McConville   Accountancy
Robert E. McNulty   Business Ethics Center
Deborah A. Melchiorri   Center for Health &  Wellness
Helen Meldrum   Natural and Applied Sciences
Maritza Melendez-Lopez  Modern Languages
Danielle M. Meroli   University Police
Kristina L. Minnick   Finance
Kathryn C. Nettles   Mathematical Science
Tracy J. Noga   Accountancy
Usmanou Z. Nsangou   Administrative Computing
Joy A. Passanisi   Administrative Computing
Charles R. Perry   Computer Lab Services
Karen M. Peters   Graduate Admissions
Tamara Rabinovich   Academic Technology Center
Erin C. Radley   Financial Assistance
Thomas N. Ralston   University Advancement Operations
Jaclyn M. Ringland   Academic Technology Center
Russell J. Robbins   University Police
Jonathan J. Rose   University Police
Darlene L. Saunders   Modern Languages
Victor C. Schlitzer   Marketing Programs
Anna M. Siomopoulos   English and Media Studies
Joshua A. Smith   Student Organizations
David Smyth   Computing Facility Support
Ellen Snedeker   Law, Tax & Financial Planning
Heide F. Solbrig   English and Media Studies
Kristin I. Sorensen   Global Studies
David M. Sousa  Building Services
Jeffrey A. Stern   English and Media Studies
Helena Tai   Building Services
Diane Thompson   Undergraduate Admission
Bayar Tumennasan   Academic Technology Center
Tony Valbrun   Building Services
Toni G. Wolfman   Center for Women and Business
Samuel W. Woolford   Mathematical Science
Jie Xu   Computer Information Systems
David J. Yates   Computer Information Systems