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Checklist for Employee Termination

The Human Resources Department has been informed that one of your employees will be leaving Bentley University. To help you with this transition here is a list of items that should be completed.

  1. Notify Human Resources of the employee's plan to leave the University.
  2. Request a written resignation letter from the employee.
  3. Send the resignation letter and completed HR Action Form to Human Resources, as soon as possible. (Updated Human Resources Action Forms can be sent to you at your request by Human Resources.)
  4. Complete a final time sheet and send it to Payroll.
  5. Collect from the employee the office keys and ID card on the final day.
  6. Assure that all computer equipment and University property has been returned.
  7. Collect any University credit and phone cards from employee.
  8. Assure that all travel and expense accounts have been completed.
  9. Discuss with the employee the transition of their current projects and responsibilities.
  10. Discuss with the employee how they would like their departure announced and how to celebrate their transition.
  11. Discuss with your business partner if there is a need to hire a temporary employee during this transition.