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Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that, in the course of my relationship with Bentley, I may have access to information that is confidential to Bentley, its students, alumni, donors, employees and vendors. Confidential information includes financial information, staffing, employment related information, student record information and contractual undertakings by the University. I understand that Bentley views any information as confidential if it is not publicly available.

I also understand and agree that I will maintain in confidence all information that comes to me in the course of my relationship with Bentley. I will not share this information with others who do not have a business need to know the information. When there is a business need to share this information, I will do so in a manner that limits the possibility of the information being disseminated beyond those persons with a need to know. I also agree to abide by the University's policies on data security, privacy and usage that are outlined in the Acceptable Usage Policy.

If I have any questions about the propriety of sharing particular information, I will bring the issue to an appropriate Bentley manager or supervisor prior to disseminating the information. I will inform appropriate parties promptly of any breach of confidential information, deliberate or inadvertent, on my part and on the part of others. I understand that my failure to protect confidential information may result in Bentley taking all appropriate action both internally and externally including the termination of my relationship with Bentley.

This policy may be amended at any time.

Last Updated: 8/11/10