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Founder's Day Award

"You Don’t Win It, You Earn It!”

The Founder’s Day Award celebrates and recognizes Bentley employees who have had a significant, positive impact on the Bentley community over time. Each one of us can impact Bentley in very different ways given the differences in our jobs and the different strengths we each bring to work every day. Some people might nominate a co-worker who they believe goes “above and beyond” his or her job, or who “bleeds Bentley blue.” Others might look for specific attributes or accomplishments. Thus, the Founder’s Day Selection Committee considers a variety of criteria and does not define exact attributes or achievements of a Founder’s Day Award recipient. Factors the Selection Committee may consider when reviewing nominations include (in no particular order):

  • How has the nominee enhanced morale or shown loyalty and dedication to the Bentley community and to Bentley’s educational mission?

  • Does the employee treat all members of the community with respect?  Has the nominee recognized and learned from our differences?

  • Does the employee act with integrity and honesty?

  • Has the person demonstrated a university-wide perspective in approaching his or her job and use of university resources?

  • Has the employee viewed change and challenges as an opportunity? Has he or she proposed new ideas, solutions, or programs to enhance the Bentley community or mission?

Eligibility: All current staff employees (full-time and part-time, union and non-union) are eligible to be nominated for and to be selected as a Founder’s Day Award recipient, except for members of the Selection Committee and members of the President’s Cabinet.

Nominating Process: Any current Bentley employee (including faculty and employees who are not eligible to be nominated) can nominate any current Bentley staff employee. Nominations can be made via a survey that will be distributed through the Faculty/Staff distribution list. Nominees will be notified that they have been nominated.

Selection Process: There will be a Selection Committee consisting of the last five Founder’s Day Award winners and representatives from Human Resources. The Selection Committee will review all nominations and will select one or more Founder’s Day recipients.

Award: Nominees and award recipient(s) will be recognized at a university-wide celebration held each fall. The award recipient(s) will each receive a cash prize of $1,000 (grossed up to cover applicable taxes and withholdings).