Personal Day Policy

All full-time non-union staff who are employed for the full 12 months per year receive two (2) personal days per year. These days can be used for any reason. Personal days are deposited into each eligible employee's bank on July 1 of each year, and must be used before the following June 30th. New employees receive their personal days 6 months after hire, and also must use these days before June 30th. Unused personal days cannot be carried over to the following fiscal year. Each personal day is equivalent to 7 hours pay, therefore an employee who uses a personal day during the summer when normally scheduled for 8.75 hours per day must supplement with 1.75 hours vacation time to be paid in full for the personal day.

Full-time non-union staff who are employed for at least 9 months per year but less than 12 receive one (1) personal day per year, subject to the same restrictions outlined above.

Full-time staff employed less than 9 months per year and part time staff are not eligible to receive personal days.

Time sheets should be marked "P" when personal days are to be used.