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Professional Conduct

People who work together should respect a set of guidelines that encourage fairness, consideration of one another, and a harmonious atmosphere. At Bentley, we intend for everyone to work under such conditions. Moreover, when you are on the job, you represent Bentley, so your behavior and appearance are an important part of your work. We hope you will find it easy and natural to adhere to our standards of professional conduct and appearance.

You are expected to comply with the policies and procedures of the University as detailed in the Policy and Procedures Manual. In your conduct, you are expected to be honest in every respect, and to honor and protect the rights of others. To promote harmony, your behavior should be characterized by courtesy in language and manners, self-control, and a willingness to perform the tasks your job entails. The safety and security of co-workers, students, parents and the visiting public, as well as all University-owned property, must be a high priority for you.