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Employees who are planning to retire are asked to provide as much advance notice as possible, and no less than one month’s notice.  Employees should notify their managers in person and should submit written notice to Human Resources indicating the employee’s anticipated last date of employment.  The employee’s retirement date will be the last day actually worked.  The last day of employment cannot be a vacation day or holiday (unless the retirement date occurs on December 31st).  Faculty should refer to the Faculty Resource-Retirement page for additional information on Faculty retirement options.

The employee will receive his/her final paycheck, including any unused, earned vacation, on the next regular payday after the employee’s retirement date.  Refer to our Benefits page for frequently asked questions about retiring from Bentley and other benefits available in retirement.

Human Resources, TIAA and Fidelity have many resources to assist employees in planning for and transitioning to retirement.  Please contact Human Resources, TIAA or Fidelity for assistance in accessing those resources or retirement planning.

Human Resources will schedule an exit interview with the employee, which provides an opportunity to discuss employee benefits, final pay, and to provide comments about the employee’s experience at Bentley. Employees should arrange for the return of any Bentley property with their manager.


Date last revised: April 15, 2015