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Short-Term Disability Policy

Bentley has established a self-funded extended sick pay policy in order to address the short-term disability needs of full-time staff. Short-term disability (STD) is intended to serve as a bridge between when paid time off is exhausted and when long-term disability begins.


Full-time exempt and non-exempt staff (excluding Union employees) with at least six months of service are eligible.

Waiting Period

Employees must be disabled and absent from work for 30 consecutive days to be eligible to start this benefit.

Plan Provisions

Plan benefits begin after an employee has been disabled and absent from work for at least 30 consecutive days and has exhausted all accrued sick time, personal time and vacation time. An employee who meets this criterion will be paid 60% of base salary. (Note: employees may save one week of vacation time for future use.)

Benefit Period

STD is paid based on the following length of service schedule:

Years of Full Time Service Maximum Benefit Period Per Year*
six months but less than two years Up to 90 calendar days
Two but less than three years Up to 120 calendar days
Three or more years Up to 180 calendar days

No employee may receive more than six months (26 weeks) paid time off as a combination of holiday, accrued sick, personal, vacation time with STD.

Plan Administration

Plan will be administered through an STD application to Human Resources containing information from the attending physician concerning diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Bentley reserves the right to have an employee examined by an independent physician during review of a claim or during a leave period to determine eligibility for benefits under the Plan. STD is paid in the form of a Bentley paycheck. All regular payroll deductions and benefits continue during STD. Employees receive full pay for holidays they are entitled to while on leave. Sick and vacation time accrues during STD, but is not available to the employee to use unless the employee returns to work. An employee collecting Workers' Compensation benefits is not eligible for STD. An employee who anticipates being disabled for six months or more must apply for long-term disability.

*Year is calculated as a rolling 12 month period counted forward from the date disability begins.

This policy may be amended at any time.

Updated January, 2006