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Sick Time Policy


Bentley offers paid sick time benefits to eligible staff employees for periods of temporary absences due to personal illnesses or injuries.  Faculty should refer to the Faculty Sick Time section on the Faculty HR Policies page. Bentley provides paid sick time to non-union staff employees as follows:

Sick Time Accruals

Sick time to non-union staff employees as follows:

Full-time Staff Employees:

  • Regular Schedule 35 hours per week:  7 hours per month
  • Regular Schedule 40 hours per week:  8 hours per month

Part-time Staff Employees:

  • Pro-rata, based on regular schedule

Less Than Half-time Staff Employees:

  • No paid sick time

Sick time accrues on the 10th of each month.  Employees will be allowed to accumulate sick time up to a total of 910 hours (for employees regularly scheduled to work 35 hours/week) or 1,040 hours (for employees regularly scheduled to work 40 hours/week). Employees should attempt to schedule medical appointments during non-work hours.  If an appointment must be scheduled during the work day, employees should try to minimize any disruption to their work schedule. Non-exempt employees can use accrued sick time in quarter-hour increments.  Exempt staff who are absent for 4 or more hours in a workday, but less than a whole day, must record 4 hours.  Exempt employees who take off less than four hours are expected to make up their work in a timely manner. Staff employees may use up to four sick days per calendar year to attend to ill family or household members under the Sick Time for Family Illness provision.

Employees are eligible to use paid sick time once it has accrued. Payment for sick time will be calculated based on an employee’s base rate of pay.  Accrued, unused sick time will not be paid upon termination.

After an employee has been absent for more than five consecutive work days due to their own or a family member’s health condition, the employee and/or the employee’s supervisor must notify the department’s HR Business Partner. In those cases, the employee may be required to provide medical documentation and may be formally placed on a medical leave that may fall under the FMLA. Failure to submit requested medical documentation may result in the denial of sick pay. For more detailed information regarding FMLA Leave and other Leaves, please refer to the Leave of Absence Policy. The University reserves the right to request medical documentation to verify absences/illnesses of less than five (5) consecutive work days, as well as to request a Fitness for Work certificate before employees can return to work following an employee’s absence.  


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015