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Transfer Policy

Employees are encouraged to make full use of their talents, skills and potential at Bentley. A transfer represents a permanent change from one position to another, within the same salary band, and may occur within the same department or between departments. A salary change is normally not associated with a transfer.

A transfer may result from a request made by either the University or an employee and may be initiated to develop the employee's career or to provide the employee the opportunity to work in an area where their full potential can be better realized. Transfers may also occur when positions or jobs are being phased out.

Exempt employees who have been in their current position for at least one year may seek a transfer; non-exempt employees who have been in their current position for at least six months may request a transfer. Those employees who were rated as "Needs Improvement" on their last performance appraisal are not eligible for transfer.

Employees may request an informational interview with an HR employment representative. If the employee decides to become a candidate for another position, they must submit an internal transfer application and a résumé via the
on-line employment system for consideration. The HR representative will notify the employee if they are selected for an interview with the hiring manager.
Employee candidates who do not meet the selection criteria will not be granted an interview with the hiring manager.

The employee must inform their current manager once they have been notified that they are a final candidate for the position. The employee will have a follow up conversation with the HR representative letting him/her know that the current manager is aware that an interview will occur. The HR representative will let the current manager and the hiring manager know that the interview process is proceeding.

The HR representative will share the most recent performance appraisal document with the hiring manager and check references; however, because the process is internal, the hiring manager may also have a conversation with the current manager about past performance. The transfer date is negotiated between the current and hiring managers, with the assistance of Human Resources.

Employees who seek a transfer are not to be retaliated against for taking the initiative to manage their careers.

An employee who transfers to another position that is in the same band is not ordinarily subject to a probationary period; however, when the new position is substantially different, a trial period may be appropriate. In these instances, the transferring employee will be notified that there will be a trial period. The probationary period for exempt employees is six months; for non-exempt employees it is three months.

If the employee initiates a transfer to move to a position that is at a lower band, their salary may be lowered. If the transfer occurs as a result of a reorganization or position elimination, the employee's salary is usually maintained.

Bentley University is an equal opportunity employer building strength through diversity.

This policy may be amended at any time.

Updated February 2009