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Use of Sick Time for Family Illness

Bentley offers employees the opportunity to use a portion of their accrued sick time to care for sick family members.


Full-time non-union staff working at least nine months per year, or part-time non-union staff regularly budgeted for at least 24 hours per week for at least 12 months per year may use a portion of their sick time when they cannot come to work due to family illness. (Calculation of the 12 month period is a rolling method counted forward from the date the employee begins using the sick time).

Time Recording

Managers are responsible for monitoring sick time use under this policy.

Use of Sick Time

Eligible non-union staff may use up to four sick days per year when they cannot come to work due to illness in the immediate family (spouse/spousal equivalent, child or parent) or for another close relative.

If an employee needs more than four days off for this reason, the employee must use accrued personal and/or vacation time. After two weeks of absence for this reason, the employee should apply for an FMLA leave as described in the Family Medical Leave Policy (FMLA) or a personal leave if FMLA does not apply. This sick time use is allowed in cases of paternity leave for fathers who need time off to care for a spouse who is recovering from childbirth.

This policy may be amended at any time.

Updated March, 2009