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Vacation Policy


Bentley provides its employees with a generous vacation allowance because the Bentley recognizes the importance of time away from work in order to relax and refresh oneself. The University wants and expects that employees will take their vacation allotment on a regular basis during the year that it is accrued. Such a use of vacation is good for the employee and for Bentley. Bentley also recognizes that there may be circumstances in which an employee may not wish to take all of his/her vacation or to want to save some vacation for use at a later time. Such reasons may include an anticipated special trip that will require more than the yearly allotment or the use of vacation time to apply in the case of an illness or accident that requires time away from work where that absence is not covered by other policies.


Full-time staff working at least nine months per year, or part-time staff (regularly budgeted to work at least 17.5 hours per week for 9 months per year) is eligible for paid vacation time.

Union members should consult the collective bargaining agreement for vacation information.

Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Manual for leave information.

Vacation Allowance

Bentley provides paid vacation time for eligible staff members according to the following schedule:

Full-time non-exempt staff with less than five years service

8.75 vacation hours per month(three weeks/year)

Full-time non-exempt staff with at least five years service

11.67 vacation hours per month(four weeks/year)

Full-time exempt staff

11.67 vacation hours per month (four weeks/year)


Academic year only employees accrue vacation time during the months in which they work.

Maximum Accruals

Employees may accrue unused vacation up to a maximum amount depending upon their job classification and in some cases years of service. The maximum accruals for full-time employees are as follows:

Exempt Employees:

280 hours

Non-Exempt Employees:

Less than 5 years service

Five or more years service

210 hours

280 hours

Campus Police Employees (40 hour week):

Less than 5 years service

Five or more years service

240 hours

320 hours

Vacation Accrual

New employees accrue vacation time beginning the first month of employment provided they begin work on or before the 10th of the month. Employees hired after the 10th of the month begin to accrue vacation time the following month.

Vacation may be accrued and carried over from year to year to a maximum set out above. Once an employee has reached the maximum accrual, additional accruals will cease until the accrued amount falls below the maximum. Thus, an employee who is below the maximum for his classification on July 1 (the start of the fiscal year), will continue to accrue vacation until the maximum for that employee's classification is reached. An employee may never accrue more than the maximum hours of vacation for his or her classification.

Vacation Use

Employees may use vacation time with approval of their managers. Employees should request time off from their managers with as much advance notice is possible. Managers have the right to deny vacation time if the vacation dates requested cannot be accommodated due to business needs or staffing requirements. However, managers should encourage employees to take their vacation time that they accrue over the course of the year.

Should an employee request vacation time that exceeds their available accrued vacation balance, the employee may use personal days to supplement vacation pay and for new employees or where there are extenuating circumstances may borrow from future vacation time they are scheduled to accrue in the current fiscal year. Under no circumstances may an employee use accrued sick time to supplement vacation pay. (See Sick Time Policy.)

Vacation time is paid at the employee's base pay rate at the time of vacation.

Employees may not take an unpaid vacation if they have accrued vacation and personal time available. Employees may not take unpaid vacation time beyond that which they would normally accrue in a year.

During the summer months those working the compressed workweek will be charged a vacation day for the equivalent number of hours for which they are scheduled to work during the summer (for example, 8.75 hours for full-time 35 hour employees).

Payment of Accrued Vacation Upon Leaving Bentley

Employees whose employment ends will be paid for their accrued vacation balance up to the maximum accrual.

Employees who have borrowed from future vacation will owe Bentley for vacation time used but not accrued as of the last day of employment.

Employees whose last day of employment are on or after the 10th of the month and who are below the maximum accrual at the time of termination will receive vacation time accrual for that month.

This policy may be amended at any time.


Updated July 2008