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Careers and Graduate School

IBIM graduates enjoy some distinct advantages in the pursuit of certain careers and graduate school opportunities.

Graduate School

Graduates with a GPA of 3.2 or greater and adequate graduate admissions requirements enjoy automatic admission to any of the following master’s programs:

  • MSc in Information Technology (Bentley)
  • MBA – Masters in Business Admission (Bentley)
  • MSc in Information Management (Tilburg)
  • MSc in International Business (Tilburg)
  • MSc in Management (Deusto)
  • MSc in Informatics (Deusto)

Career Advantage

The IBIM prepares students for leadership in that area of commerce where business and information technology intersect. Among the positions that IBIM graduates might hold are:

  • Manager of International Information Science (IS) Programs
  • IS Manager in international companies
  • Business analyst / designer of systems to support international operations
  • IS strategy consultant in global organizations
  • Manager of IT offshore outsourcing