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Study Plan

IBIM participants will attain two degrees in just four years: a Bentley BS in Management and a Tilburg University BS in Information Management. Bentley students will spend four terms at Bentley, three terms at Tilburg, and one term at Deusto.

Bentley/Tilburg degrees

Year 1: first semester -- Bentley

Year 1: second semester -- Bentley

Year 2: first semester -- Tilburg

Year 2: second semester -- Deusto

Year 3: first semester -- Tilburg

Year 3: second semester -- Tilburg

Year 4: first semester -- Bentley

Year 4: second semester -- Bentley

The Deusto term at the end of sophomore year offers the opportunity to get together with Tilburg students and experience yet a third culture, as well as study in a different academic setting. While in Spain, students participate in a series of activities designed to help them get to know the other participants, increase their awareness of other cultures, and enhance interpersonal skills.

To view the course schedule, please see the curriculum page.