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Application components

The major components of the semester and summer application are:

Essays and short answer questions

  • Semester preference (100-150 words): While we aim to accommodate the semester preference for each student, semester preference is NOT guaranteed. A student’s semester preference reasons are weighed against the other applicants’ reasons within that particular program only. This means that competition for spaces on a particular program is dependent on the number of applications received. Your explanation below will help us determine which students will be offered the limited available spots, which varies depending on the popularity of the program. We look for compelling reasons that would make study abroad in the alternate semester impossible or extremely unlikely. Please list your primary reason for why you prefer to go abroad during this particular semester.
  • Back-up program. Please note that some programs have limited spaces, which means we cannot always accept all qualified applicants. Please list your second choice here. You may list either an alternate program OR your first choice program in a different semester. We advise against selecting a typically popular program as your second choice since the likelihood of availability is very slim.
  • Autobiographical statement (200-250 words): Please write a brief autobiographical statement to help us form a more complete impression of you.
  • Program appeal (100-150 words): What is the most appealing part about this institution for you personally? Internship applicants: Why have you chosen an internship, and why does this program appeal to you?
  • Destination (100-150 words): Describe why you want to live in this destination.
  • Class offerings (100-150 words): Describe how the class offerings at the host university fit with your interests and/or major.  Internship applicants: Please describe the field(s) in which you are interested in interning and why.
  • Housing (100-150 words): Describe how the program's housing arrangements suit your needs.
  • Challenge (150-200 words): Please describe a challenge you have faced and how it has prepared you for the some of the challenges you may face in your upcoming international experience.
  • Housing at Bentley (Y/N): Do you plan to live on campus during the semester when you are not abroad? 

Faculty Recommendation

Students should extend the courtesy of asking a faculty member to serve as a reference prior to submitting their on-line application. The faculty member will have access to the reference form in BentleyAbroad only once the completed application is submitted by the student. Please make sure you select "Request Electronic Recommendation." The reference form asks the professor to comment on the student's academic performance, maturity, and preparedness for education abroad. The faculty member is NOT required to submit the reference by the application deadline, but rather by later deadline given specifically to the faculty. 

Application Fee

Students are required to submit a $50 non-refundable application fee (paid online ONLY through the BentleyAbroad system). This fee is waived for semester applicants who complete their application by the fee-waiver deadline.