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Resources for Faculty

Propose a Faculty-Led International Course

File Request for Proposals AY 2015-2016

We encourage all Bentley faculty to consider leading one of these unique, 3-credit intensive courses abroad. For more information about Faculty-led International Courses, please contact Christine Hollenhorst to set up an exploratory meeting or seek assistance with a proposal.

Opportunities for involvement in International Education

The Office of International Education partners with a variety of universities all over the world. We encourage collaboration between our faculty and those abroad, and several opportunities exist for joint research, visiting scholarship assignments, and evaluation visits. Please contact Natalie Schlegel if you are interested in exploring collaboration in a particular geographic region or academic field. 

We also aim to advertise any opportunities that arise at our partner institutions. Please review this reference chart to explore opportunities abroad: File Faculty teaching and research opportunities.xlsx

Approving courses at institutions abroad

When students wish to take courses offered at our partner/affiliate institutions, they must first be approved by a department at Bentley in order to grant credit for the course. We have created a guide to help departments through the process of approving courses from abroad.

Writing student references in the BentleyAbroad application system

As part of the application process for study abroad programs, students are required to request a reference from a faculty member. We appreciate your support in this process, as the reference is a vital part of our application review. We use these recommendations not only to determine student eligibility, but they are also submitted as part of the application materials sent to our partner universities and affiliate programs.

To complete a reference for a student, please follow these instructions (you will also be directed to the correct website in the notification email you will receive from the student):

  • Login to our BentleyAbroad application system by using your regular Bentley credentials (shortname e.g. clookner, and regular Bentley password)
  • If you are not automatically brought to the correct screen, click “Recommender Home” in the upper right corner
  • Select the student under "Pending Recommendations"
  • If you prefer to write one comprehensive text instead of answering the individual questions, you may use the last question for your reference letter and answer "see below" in all previous questions.

You should plan to complete each reference in one session.  You are also able to view your previously submitted references. If you have any questions or you experience any difficulty with the reference, please contact us at x3474 or