Committees and Meetings

IT Steering Committee Charter



A key recommendation of the Grant Thornton IT review report was that Bentley University establish a governance process and IT Steering Committee for reviewing and prioritizing proposed Information Technology projects.  Given the limited resources available for IT, the IT Steering Committee will play a key role in evaluating, justifying, and prioritizing IT related projects across all departments at Bentley University.  The recommendations of the IT Steering Committee will be reviewed by the Chief Information Officer and the Cabinet.  Project prioritization will be based on:

  • Project Return on Investment and value to the university.
  • Alignment of the project to the university’s strategic plan.
  • Internal and external project costs and potential savings.
  • Project risks.

Members of the IT Steering Committee will be asked to identify and represent high priority projects proposed by their departments, and answer the questions of other members.  They are also responsible for the oversight of approved projects and disseminating committee decisions to members of their divisions.

Internal IT infrastructure projects, upgrades, and regulatory/compliance projects will be exempted from this process.



A committee chairperson will be appointed by the CFO.  Committee membership will be reviewed every year, and adjusted appropriately.

Vicki Lafarge – Associate Dean, Management

Bill Wiggins – Professor, Law, Tax & Financial Planning

Bill Schiano – Professor, Computer Information Systems

Maureen Flores – Exec Director, Development/University Advancement Operations

Amy Tamburino - Director, Advance Svcs & Ops

Donna Kendall – Exec Director, Enrollment Management

Brock Tibert - Dir, Enrollmt & Ret Analytics

Valerie Fox – Director, Digital Engagement, Marketing and Communications

Nancy Antunes – Controller – Financial Operations

Julie Britt – Director, Purchasing, Administration & Campus Services

John Piga – Assistant Dean, Residential Center, Student Affairs

Ron Ardizzone - Director, Student Systems

Phil Knutel - Chief Information Officer

Sharon Hill - Asst Dean/Dir, Grad Admission

Anne Pugliese - Mgr, Acad Adm Info Systems

Tina Sawtelle - Associate VP, Finance

Key advisors as required (IT, audit, legal, data security, finance)

David Norman (facilitator) – Director Administrative Computing



  • Meeting structure – Information Technology will work with departments to develop brief (no more than two pages) project petition documents and circulate them in advance of the meeting.  Committee members will review and evaluate petition documents prior to the meeting, and be prepared to discuss projects during the meeting.
  • Meeting frequency – Monthly initially, but thereafter based on the number of new project petitions.
  • Documentation of Proceedings – After each meeting, the prioritization and ranking of projects will be shared with meeting members, together with any notes and actions items.  Rankings will ultimately be shared in a project portfolio that will be available for all Bentley staff and faculty to view.