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Mail Services for Students

Receipt and Delivery
Bentley University Mail Services, as well as all student mailboxes are located on the first floor of Collins Hall. Each resident student is assigned a secure mailbox with a unique locking combination. Mail Services receives, sorts and delivers all incoming resident student mail each business day. Student mail is received then sorted each morning and delivered to student mail boxes by 6:00 p.m. daily. Any letter or package that can fit into a student mail box will be delivered to the respective student mailbox.  For pieces that do not fit into a mail box, the recipient student will receive an e-mail notification from Mail Services indicating that they have a package requiring pick up at Mail Services. Please note, mail and package deliveries are received centrally at Mail Services. Door to door deliveries to residence halls are prohibited.

All mail must be addressed completely as follows:

First and Last Name
Bentley University
175 Forest Street
Box #:
Waltham, MA 02452-4705


Receipt and Notification of Student Packages
For all mail that does not fit easily into a student’s mail box, Mail Services will send an e-mail notification using automated package tracking software. This notice informs the student that a package has been received for them and is available for pick up at Mail Services during normal business hours.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the package at Mail Services or make arrangements for pick up in a reasonable time frame. During high volume package processing times, Mail Services may utilize an alternative distribution location within campus which will be indicated on the package pick-up email notification.


Incoming Packages

As packages are received, items are scanned into an automated tracking system that provides package notification and delivery confirmation. After a package is scanned into the tracking system, a notification email is sent to the package recipient.

To pick up a package, an individual must present a Bentley student ID or other clear and legible photo ID (license, passport, etc.) at Mail Services. Package recipients will be asked to sign for all packages upon receipt. To authorize a proxy to pick-up a package, the recipient must reply to the specific package pick-up notification stating the name of the proxy. In turn, the proxy must present a photo ID at Mail Services to pick up the package. Please note, packages containing alcohol require proper identification including date of birth of the package recipient.


Perishable Packages

Due to storage limitations and sanitation considerations, Mail Services will hold all perishable packages for up to seven (7) consecutive days. After seven (7) consecutive days unclaimed items will be disposed of. Perishable packages include fruit, food, flowers and clearly marked perishable items.

These items will be tagged and scanned into the package tracking system, and individuals will be notified by email, and a called if a cell phone number is available.



With the exception of perishables, packages are kept until picked up or for a maximum of fourteen (14) consecutive days. If not collected within the first seven (7) consecutive days, an email is sent to the recipient notifying them that the package is scheduled for return in seven (7) days.

Due to storage limitations, no packages or items exceeding 55 lbs, or palletized freight, will be accepted by Mail Services.

The following items are not approved for delivery to Bentley Mail Services and will be declined and returned to sender upon arrival: flammable materials; gas grills; weapons, ammunition, firearms, objects made to look like firearms; fireworks; hover boards; bulk furniture and equipment.

Packages that appear to contain problematic, hazardous or dangerous equipment or materials not listed above, will be stored in Mail Services pending notification and approval of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and the Chief of University Police, as deemed necessary, prior to being tagged and student notification issued.


General postage can be purchased as follows:           

Postage Stamps: 
Stamps can be purchased on-line at  Note:  Registration is required and shipping costs may apply.

General Postage: 
General postage can be purchased at Mail Services for U.S. Postal Service mail only, by using your Campus Debit Card (Campus ID).  


Processing of Outgoing Mail, Priority Letters and Packages
There are several options available for students sending mail off campus including: 

Outgoing student mail — both letters and packages — may be dropped off at Mail Services at Collins Hall.  Please note, that all mail going off campus must have appropriate postage.   

All outgoing packages must be brought to Mail Services. From there, students can purchase services for various carriers (Federal Express, U.P.S., U.S. Postal Service, etc.) and leave the package for pick up. Mail Services also processes all standard mail and letters sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

U.S. Postal Service Mail Boxes:

There is a U.S. Postal Service mail box located outside the main entrance to Collins Hall.


Mailbox Repairs
Despite our best practices for preventative maintenance, mailboxes do have wearable parts and can break down.  If a student finds that their mailbox is damaged, please contact Mail Services at extension 2212.  All requests made before 2:00 p.m., will be responded to on the same day.


Forwarding Your Mail
Before leaving for the summer, ALL students are required to notify senders of their forwarding address. It is imperative as you make arrangements to move out of your residence hall for the summer, that you notify any merchant sending mail to your campus address to re-route it to your summer residence.  Please keep in mind, that it takes approximately three to four weeks for mailing lists to be updated.

The U.S. Postal Service cannot forward mail sent to a student’s campus address even if that student has completed their Change of Address Form.

In addition to notifying senders, students must notify the Registrar’s Office of their new address. This ensures our records are current in the event you need to be contacted.

Please note that the university is not required to forward student mail during the summer months. Before leaving for the summer all remaining mail and/or packages should be picked up from Mail Services. 


Special Services
If you require special services that need attention beyond the standard mail delivery process, please contact the Mail Services manager at extension 2212.