Stationery Order Form

To order Bentley letterhead, business cards and envelopes:

For assistance with using the system, please read: Using the system for the first time:
This system utilizes your network log-in information. Where the form asks for email, type in your username (i.e., "bsmith") and use your network password. After this quick registration process, you are set to order your stationery.

Placing an order:
Choose which stationery you need and enter necessary information and then proceed to the next screen. (If ordering envelopes, please add envelope size in the "comments" section.) You will be shown a proof of your stationery. You must approve this proof before entering your cost center information.

After proofing your stationery on screen, add your cost center to the list on the bottom, using the Add/Modify button. If you have previously added your cost center, type it into the field and then hit "Go." A pop-up will ask you to confirm your cost center; click "OK."After adding or choosing your cost center, you can then add your item to your shopping cart using the "Add to Cart" button.

At this point, you may continue shopping (i.e., adding more items) or you have the option of placing, saving, editing or deleting the current order. Note: if you place the order, the system will also save the order, so that you may order reprints easily. Please note that if there are any errors or omissions, you need to go back and correct them before placing the order.

Please contact: Diane Kehoe, ext. 2077 or Judy Metz, ext. 2080.