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What is a Brand?

A brand is a collected set of attributes that constitute a promise or set of expectations for Bentley and everybody with whom it has or will have a relationship. The brand also helps people understand how Bentley is different from other institutions in pursuing its mission and meeting their needs.

Ultimately, the people within the organization define brands. At Bentley, that means faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Our actions, achievements, outreach, and advocacy enhance and build the Bentley brand. We are Bentley’s brand ambassadors and the embodiment of Bentley’s mission. In the coming months, Bentley will continue to profile brand ambassadors from all parts of the university family in order to personify the brand and you, who are at its very heart.

Communicating the brand is, of course, central to the whole rationale for having a brand. It’s a matter of establishing what we stand for, what our beliefs are, and what our promise is, and also ensuring that our primary audiences, constituencies, and markets have a firm understanding of our brand as well.