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To have your site hosted on the domain, use the Drupal content management system and have access to Bentley branding and templates, you must abide by the following policies.


All content must adhere to Bentley web and editorial guidelines. The Digital Engagement team has full access to all areas of all Bentley digital properties, and has broad authority to oversee, edit and remove content that does not comply with these policies.

Logos and Branding

The official Bentley branding is the only visual identity system you may adopt for your website. You cannot alter the existing Bentley logos and branding, and in no cases may you create your own. No exceptions. The university has the full legal right and obligation to protect its materials, and certain non-authorized uses may violate the Computing and Networking Policy, various handbooks, and the Bentley Beliefs.

Social Media

To have a Twitter and/or Facebook feed on your site, or to link to a blog or integrate a blog feed, you must be listed in social media directory and in compliance with associated social media criteria and guidelines as well as each service’s respective Terms of Service.

Digital Engagement is not responsible for keeping your social media account up-to-date but will support domain mapping and the delivery of creative assets to brand your blog (ie, backgrounds, logos, banners, etc.)

Photos, Images and Visuals

Photos for Headers, Sliders, Banners

To add a new photo to an existing header, slider and/or banner on your website, please use the web request form. All photos must be sourced through Marketing & Communications which has access to thousands of professional photographs of campus, students, classrooms, etc. in the Bentley photo database, as well as stock photography.

Unique graphics/visuals can be created by the Marketing and Communications graphic design team for placement in a header, slider and/or banner. You may request a unique image and/or visual using this request form.

For assistance with visual assets to be used on sites affiliated with Bentley, but not hosted on the domain, please contact us through the web help form. We will review these requests on a case-by-case basis. 

Images Embedded in a Page

You may embed a photo and/or image in a page on your website. Please note, all photography and/or images must be of a professional quality and be consistent with Bentley brand standards. Clip art, cartoons and/or inappropriate imagery is not acceptable on the Bentley website. Digital Engagement has broad authority to remove images, photos and/or graphics that do not comply with these policies and/or meet the Bentley brand standards.

Photo Galleries

To embed a photo gallery on your existing website, please use the web request form. Photo galleries must be hosted on your department/division Flickr account which must meet Bentley’s social media criteria and guidelines as well as Flickr’s Terms of Use. Digital Engagement is not responsible for keeping your images on Flickr up-to-date, providing images, providing captions, or otherwise maintaining them, but will work with you to make sure the integration with your site is working properly.

Images posted or uploaded to a linked social gallery such as Flickr must also abide by the guidelines for images outlined in Bentley’s Guidelines for Social Media Managers. In particular, please note that minors must be protected in Bentley’s social media use, and the same policies involving the unauthorized use of copyrighted material (whether Bentley’s or another party’s) apply to these galleries as on the rest of your website.


To embed a YouTube video to your existing website, please use the web request form. Videos will be considered if they are hosted on the Bentley YouTube channel (please contact the Social Media Manager to discuss setting up your own playlist on the Bentley University channel) and/or a department/division YouTube channel listed in the social media directory and meet generally accepted guidelines found in the Computing and Network Policy as well as YouTube’s Terms of Service. For assistance with videos specifically for international audiences, please contact us through the web help form

Digital Engagement does not support the direct streaming of videos except for certain institutional events (ie, Commencement).

Training and Education

Pagemasters must complete Drupal training before being granted access to the Bentley website. It is their responsibility to remain up-to-date on changes to the Drupal workflow process and complete additional training as needed. In some cases, we may require mandatory Drupal retraining, at our discretion. 

Each year, Digital Engagement will communicate the minimum training that pagemasters will be expected to complete each year, which will depend on the design and requirements of their specific site. Additional training may be required depending on site/Drupal/institutional developments, changes, and/or needs, and will be communicated as soon as possible. Drupal access will be revoked for any pagemasters who do not fulfill training requirements as outlined by Digital Engagement.

Account Access

Your Drupal account is for your use only. If we become aware that you have provided someone else with your username and password to log in, we will revoke your access. Periodically, Digital Engagement will perform an audit of all user activity. If you are not actively logging into your account on a consistent basis, we will deactivate your account. To have it reactivated, you must complete another Drupal training.

Web Help Requests

Requests for general assistance for your site must be submitted through the web request form. Please allow one to two business days for a response, and at least five business days for turnaround. Any requests submitted directly to a member of the Digital Engagement team will be directed to the web request form.

Emergency Requests

In the case of a web emergency (ie, site is down or a prominent page on the site is down or throwing a 404 error), please send an email to the Digital Engagement distribution list at

For all other urgent requests, please submit a support ticket through the web request form. Requests due to operational issues such as lack of Drupal training, failure to plan for employee turnover or lack of a backup pagemaster/content contributor do not constitute an emergency, and will be processed accordingly.

Major Projects and Initiatives

Major projects, such as site redesigns, significant content changes, and new site launches must be completed in conjunction with and at the oversight of Digital Engagement. Such requests will be placed in the Digital Engagement roadmap according to department and strategic priorities and reviewed by the Digital Engagement Steering Committee. To initiate this process, submit the web request form.

Content Reviews and Updates

Digital Engagement periodicially reviews content through the Bentley website. If content is determined to be outdated, Digital Engagement will work with the content owner to establish a plan for updating. If a content owner is not responsive, Digital Engagement will make changes accordingly or delete content if deemed necessary.


Copyright violation is a serious offense that comes with strict penalties for which the university itself could be held liable. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your content, including text, images, video and music, complies with all copyright laws. Any content on the Bentley website that infringes on copyright will immediately be removed by Digital Engagement, and the content owner will be notified. The Bentley Library’s copyright guide offers more information.

Please also note that Bentley is obliged and empowered by law to actively monitor the use of its own copyrighted materials and to protect them as necessary from unauthorized use, even by members of the Bentley community, whether on websites or on official social media accounts. Unauthorized uses of the Bentley logo, for example, on student or departmental projects, even for humorous purposes, may constitute a copyright violation (as well as a violation of Bentley’s Computing and Network Policy and other Bentley policies), particularly if such materials are made publicly available.

Please secure prior authorization for all uses of the Bentley logo and other copyrighted materials in your online media. Unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of copyrighted Bentley materials may result in sanctions, including the removal of web pages, removal from the Social Media Directory, and disciplinary action against individuals and organizations by their authorized governing bodies.


Subdomains (ie. negatively affect site performance and maintenance for a few reasons:

  • Bentley subdomains are set up as redirects. All subdomains redirect to a URL
    (ie. which is the actual location where the page resides within the domain.
  • Redirects affect site performance. We have dozens of subdomains and all of these redirects have a negative impact on server performance.
  • Redirects require additional maintenance support: Redirects require additional support & maintenance from both Digital Engagement developers and Network & Services employees who support DNS servers.

As such, effective January 31, 2014, Digital Engagement will sunset existing subdomains; web site manager are asked to use absolute URLs (ie. in all printed promotional materials moving forward. 

Third-Party Advertising

No third party advertising is allowed on the Bentley website, such as banner ads or affiliate links. Instances of this will be promptly removed.  

Third-Party Tracking Code

We are often asked to place third-party tracking code on pages and will support the request provided it meets these requirements:

  • The third-party platform will be paid for and actively managed as part of a marketing campaign by requestor for at least 3 months and will reside on a page(s) that generates at least 1,000 pageviews/month to support statistical analyis of data generated
  • The third-party code does not interfere with any existing tracking code on the page(s) (ie, Google Analytics, etc.) nor does it negatively impact server, site or page load performance in any way

Course Listings

To comply with official accreditation rules and regulations, all course listings must be pulled directly from Banner through a feed maintained by the Registrar’s Office and accessed by Digital Engagement. If a site is found to have descriptions that do not come from Banner, Digital Engagement will promptly remove the descriptions and notify the content owner. Exceptions may be granted only for special topics and experimental courses that do not have descriptions in Banner. In these cases, it is the content owner’s responsibility to ensure that outdated listings are removed as quickly as possible. Exceptions must be granted and approved by Digital Engagement. To request an exception, use the web request form.


The university uses Google Analytics to measure traffic to the Bentley website and other metrics. All departments may access this data for their site. To request a report, use the web request form.

Policy Updates

Digital Engagement reserves the right to update the governance policy and will notify pagemasters and content owners of relevant changes that affect them.

Event Listings & Promotion

All events promoted on campus via emails and/or posters should be published in the Bentley event calendar powered by Localist. Anyone with a Bentley username and password can create an event — follow these instructions or watch the video for information on how to create an event listing.