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Jeannette Buntin

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jeannette received her Master of Education with a concentration in student personnel development, and her bachelor of science with a concentration in political science from Southeastern Massachusetts University. Prior to coming to Bentley in 2003, Jeannette was the director of student activities and multicultural programs at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Before that, she was the assistant director of student activities and special programs at Suffolk University. Prior to that, she served as program coordinator at Boston University in the Office of Student Activities.

As the Director, Jeannette is responsible for the overall management of the Multicultural Center. Jeannette works in partnership with other departments on campus in providing the resources and support needed to increase cross cultural appreciation and understanding between students, faculty and staff. She works closely with club and organizations to ensure a multicultural/intercultural experience for all.

Jeannette currently serves on the Executive Board for the African American Women in Higher Education Association and is currently the Annual Luncheon Program Coordinator. She currently holds professional memberships with the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, National Association for Campus Activities, the Massachusetts Association of Women in Education and the Association of American Colleges and Universities

She also holds membership in Big Brother/Big Sister Foundation and the National Association for Black Accountants. In 2004, she received the Donald L McCullough Award for outstanding contribution in the field of student activities.

“We cannot silence the voices that we do not like hearing. We can, however, do everything in our power to make certain that other voices are heard.”
~ Deborah Prothrow-Stith.

Nina DeAgrela
Assistant Director

A native of Norton, Massachusetts, Nina received her Communications degree with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting at Bridgewater State University and her Master's degree in Higher Education at Salem State University. She is 100% Portuguese, with family from the well-known Portuguese archipelago, Madeira. Nina enjoys music, food, babies, small dogs, and conversing with her students.

Prior to becoming the Assistant Director of the MCC, Nina was the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and the Director of Judicial Programs at Bentley University from 2006 to 2011. She is heavily involved in the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA), and has been the regional conference drive in chair for the past two years.

As Assistant Director of the MCC, Nina is responsible for the ALANA Experience Program and the ASAP Mentor Program. She is advising first-year ALANA students and various ALANA organizations. In addition, she is currently advising the Black United Body (BUB) and Council on Charitable Acts (CCA).

Claudette Blot
STEP Director/Program Coordinator

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Claudette received her bachelor’s degree from Wilberforce University in biology/pre-medicine with a concentration in environmental studies. Prior to coming to Bentley, Claudette was a part of a psychological treatment team for Goldberg Associates located at the Bridgewater State Hospital. During this time she designed and implemented safe method for dealing with psychotic inmates.

As Director of the Summer Transition Education Program, Claudette is responsible for the recruitment, retention and development and implementation of the curriculum for the summer component of the program. She is also responsible for the advisement and social involvement for all students in the program. As program coordinator, it is her job to help provide diverse programs and service initiatives for students on campus. She also conducts training for our summer faculty, summer transition assistants, orientation leaders and peer advisers.

Most recently, Claudette became the senior board member of the Higher Education Resource Center of Brockton Workshop, which is offered in educational workshops and career planning for student is middle school to senior year with the Brockton Public School System and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and other Community Partnership and Leadership programs. This program is designed to help at risk young people go to college and successed once they get there.

Claudette was honored with an award from National Association of Black Accountants for her invaluable service to the Community Outreach Service Program. She has been awarded the Women of the Year award, The Staff Member of the year award, Adviser of the Year, as well as Bentley University Founder’s Day Award. Her commitment to the community and the young people is newsworthy.

Miriam Acajabon
Administrative Assistant

A native of Guatemala City, Miriam received associate’s degrees in business administration, and accounting from Roxbury Community College. She also received a certificate of accounting from Bentley.

As an Administrative Assistant, she maintains the administrative flow of the office. Miriam regularly interacts with students, parents, faculty, staff, and different departments within the Bentley Community. Miriam oversees all aspects of the student employee support in the office, including hiring, training, assigning tasks and daily supervision.