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Student Telephone Helpful Tips

Who to Contact and Office Hours

Bentley is responsible for troubles with broken jacks, local dialing, no dial tones, static and voicemail issues. To report trouble, please send an email to  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Lindsay Hall 18.  If you have any questions about the phone service at Bentley, please contact the Help Desk at 781.891.3122.

Voicemail Instructions

Bentley Voicemail Instructions

Logging in on- and off-campus

  1. Dial x3100 (or 781.891.3100)
  2. Dial your mailbox and press # sign
  3. Enter password press # sign (default password 12 plus mailbox number)

Helpful Tip

Once you have logged in press 8* for a list of mailbox commands. 

Change your password

Use of Telephone Keys

Auto Dial


Lets you dial a
specific telephone 
number by pressing a feature key.

To store an Auto Dial number: 
Without lifting the handset, press the Auto Dial key.
Dial the number to be stored,
press the Auto Dial key again.


To use Auto Dial:
Press an extension number or lift the handset.  
Press the Auto Dial key. 
The stored number is dialed automatically. 

Internet Connections

Internet Connections


Bentley has two Internet connections.  They are:

Comcast     2 GB

RCN     3 GB

Redundancy was also added by installing dual Juniper routers running BGP. If one of the ISP connections fails, the second will take the traffic from the first; this will maintain uptime and availability.


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