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Travel Card Program

The Travel Card is designed for those individuals on campus who are involved in travel for Bentley business.  After a standard Travel Authorization Form has been completed and approved, a Travel Card is used to obtain travel reservations and expenses such as air fare (only through Bentley's selected travel service provider), lodging, car rental, and meals.  All transactions on the Travel Card must be linked back to a Travel Authorization Form for a specific business trip.

Travel Policy

Bentley has a Business Travel Program designed to support the travel service needs of the Bentley business traveler, while embracing administrative efficiency. The program is defined in the following Travel Policy document. The review of this policy is critical prior to securing any business travel arrangements which will be paid for with Bentley funds.

Bentley Travel Policy

The Bentley Travel Policy establishes the policies governing the reimbursement of travel, entertainment and other expenses incurred during the conduct of Bentley business. It is Bentley's policy to authorize necessary and reasonable expenses when directly related to the transaction of Bentley business.

A. Authorizations

Purchasing Card Program

The Bentley University Purchasing Card acts as a corporate credit card to facilitate purchases under $5,000. The Purchasing Card concept is designed to delegate authority to conveniently purchase commodities and services directly from vendors that accept the MasterCard credit card.

It is important to keep in mind which employees in your department actually make purchases, as these individuals will be best served by a Purchasing Card.

Purchasing Card Manual

Shipping and Receiving

Materials and equipment ordered by the Bentley community are received and processed through the Shipping and Receiving Department.

Items being shipped by the Bentley community are also processed through this department:

Shipping & Receiving Department
Bentley University
450 Beaver Street
Waltham, MA     02452-4705
PH: (781) 891-2278
FX: (781) 891-2082


Special Procurement Policies


Because of the tax-exempt status of the university, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services cannot issue Purchase Orders for personal purchases.

Vendors who do business with Bentley University are under no obligation to offer discounts to individuals of the university.


Purchase Orders


The Purchase Order is the primary ordering document for university purchasing activity. It is a formal written offer to a vendor or contractor containing all terms and conditions of a proposed transaction. Once accepted by a vendor, it becomes a legally binding contract between both parties.


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