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Network Services

Network Services is part of the Systems, Networks and Telecommunications group within the IT division. The group is tasked with design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the Bentley University network campus wide.


Systems, Networks, and Telecommunications department


Network Infrastructure Services

Todd Marsh
Sr. Manager, Network Infrastructure Services

Maria Daigle
Senior Networks Administrator/Analyst, Wireless

Rocco DiFilippo
Senior Networks Administrator/Analyst, Telecom

Daniel Clark
Network & Telecom Tech II

Computer Operations (781.891.3181)


The college maintains a small collection of resources that may be borrowed.  Resources included are:

  • copies of previously funded proposals to federal and private agencies awarded to Bentley faculty members.

  • books and articles on successful grant seeking

  • books and articles on funding sources for different types of projects

Awards Administration


In conjunction with the Principal Investigator, the college administers all external awards received by the college on behalf of a faculty member. The PI and the designated administrator both sign off on all expenditures. The college's administrator oversees compliance with the agency's regulations and procedures. In general, this administrator files any financial reports that may be required while the faculty member is responsible for meeting program reporting requirements.


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