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Awards Administration


In conjunction with the Principal Investigator, the college administers all external awards received by the college on behalf of a faculty member. The PI and the designated administrator both sign off on all expenditures. The college's administrator oversees compliance with the agency's regulations and procedures. In general, this administrator files any financial reports that may be required while the faculty member is responsible for meeting program reporting requirements.

Sponsored Programs

The Director of Sponsored Programs provides leadership and administrative support in the development and submission of proposals for grants and contracts to governmental agencies.  Proposals may support research, curriculum development, instruction, service and other projects and programs. Support for faculty fellowships applications funded by the government is provided by the Director of Foundation Relations in the office of Corporate Relations. 

Surplus Assets

Surplus Assets are stored and managed by the Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services office.  When a usable asset is no longer needed by a respective department of the university, that asset is stored for redistribution.  Assets that no longer have a usable life are targeted for donation to local non-profit organizations, sold, or disposed of.

As a matter of policy, surplus assets are not made available for faculty, staff, or students to purchase.

Travel Card Program

The Travel Card is designed for those individuals on campus who are involved in travel for Bentley business.  After a standard Travel Authorization Form has been completed and approved, a Travel Card is used to obtain travel reservations and expenses such as air fare (only through Bentley's selected travel service provider), lodging, car rental, and meals.  All transactions on the Travel Card must be linked back to a Travel Authorization Form for a specific business trip.


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