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Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the PhD program at Bentley University. We welcome your application. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the PhD Office and we will be happy to help.

Please prepare your application materials carefully and thoroughly. Each application is reviewed individually, with careful consideration given to all requested materials and information. All application materials submitted are the confidential property of Bentley and cannot be returned.

Preparation for the Program

Applicants to the PhD program should have a master’s degree or equivalent from an appropriately accredited institution. Those whose graduate degrees are not in business are required to demonstrate their understanding of business subjects, including baseline knowledge of the core subject courses for the PhD in accountancy or business.

Prerequisites for admission:

  • A master’s degree (or equivalent) is preferred but in some cases, students may be admitted with only a Bachelor's degree. Official copies of all university level transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) are required. Please use the Transcript Request Form available through the online application site.
  • Aptitude as demonstrated by standardized test scores (preferred scores of 650+ on both parts of the GMAT, or 151+ for quantitative reasoning and 162+ for verbal reasoning on the GRE). The GMAT test code for the Bentley PhD Program in Accountancy is 84VF202 and for the Bentley PhD Program in Business it is 84VF250.  The test code for the GRE is 3096.
  • A TOEFL score or equivalent (preferred score of 600 or above) if English is not your first language, unless you have earned a degree in an English-speaking country. The test code for the TOEFL is 3096.
  • A five-page paper that outlines the area that you hope to focus on: this research paper should contain the general idea of your research topic. We do not expect it to be a fully developed literature review at this stage (but should be written according to APA or MLA style), or to contain a precise specification of your research method; however, we will be using it as one of the methods to assess your ability to engage with academic literature and develop interesting research questions, so it should show evidence of some general reading around your area of interest. We will also use it to assess your fit with a faculty member who could act as your primary adviser (you can nominate a faculty member that you feel is most appropriate in this role on the application itself). Your application will be sent to the faculty member who appears to be the best fit, given your research interests, so you should look carefully at faculty research prior to submitting your application and writing this paper.
  • Three letters of recommendation. The PhD Committee requires three written recommendations, including at least two from faculty members knowledgeable about the applicant's work and capabilities, who can address the candidate's potential for completing doctoral-level research. Please use the recommendation form available in the additional documents section of the online application. Your recommender should submit the completed form directly into your online application, as per the instructions. 
  • Professional work experience, including some in a managerial or supervisory capacity, is preferred. The experience can be in business, government, or the nonprofit sector.
  • A personal statement outlining why you wish to undertake a PhD program and why Bentley University is the appropriate institution.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Select candidates will be invited for a personal interview (in some cases this will occur by phone where a personal interview is not possible).