Thank you for your interest in the PhD program at Bentley. Please note that our next admissions intake will be for fall 2015.

The following is the general admission process we follow:

  1. During the summer and fall, representatives from Bentley attend various recruiting events and discuss applicant questions. These events are listed in the Recruiting Events link of our web site. Students are welcome to contact the PhD Program Office or Bentley faculty during this time. Our goal is to find students whose research interests fit with the interdisciplinary theme of the Bentley doctoral programs so that both student and faculty embark on a promising academic partnership.
  2. Following the closing date for admission, the Admission Committees of the PhD Council (one for business and one for accountancy) meet to determine which candidates are most suitably qualified according to the criteria listed under our admission requirements (in the Applying section of our web site) and according to fit between the faculty and student research domain(s). The Admission Committees of the PhD Council will circulate the appropriate applications to relevant research-active faculty who have served previously as PhD supervisors.  * Students interested in faculty advisers associated with the Geneen Institute of Corporate Governance, please go to
  3. Faculty who are potentially interested in serving as a primary supervisor for a candidate will arrange an interview with select PhD applicants. These interviews may take place by phone if it is not feasible to conduct a face-to-face interview.
  4. If a faculty member is willing to become the student’s primary supervisor, they will inform the appropriate PhD Admission Committee. In doing so, the supervisor agrees to take responsibility for mentoring the student and assisting in setting up an appropriate dissertation committee. Applicants are strongly encouraged to select an adviser prior to applying so that this fit can be more easily determined. We feel very strongly that having a mentor from the start makes a considerable difference in your success in a PhD program.
  5. The Admission Committees then meet again to discuss the top PhD applicants for each of the two degrees. This ranking will be based on the academic standing to-date of the applicants, the fit with the thematic areas of Bentley, the fit with the supervisor’s research interests, and the PhD load of the accepting supervisor (i.e., a qualified PhD supervisor having no students will be ranked ahead of a supervisor with several students). This rank order will be used as the basis for making final decisions about whom to offer stipends.
  6. The PhD Admission Committees will provide the PhD Council with two lists of possible PhD students, one for each of the PhD Programs. The PhD Council will make the final decision about student admittance. Final decisions will be made in late-February to mid-March. All students are admitted for the following fall term (i.e., there are no January admittances).
  7. The PhD director will inform each candidate in writing of our admissions decision. Students will have until April 15 to make their decisions about accepting our offer.

For additional questions please email: