Current PhD Students

Lindsay Andiola, auditor judgment and decision making
Steve DeSimone, financial reporting, internal audit, judgment and decision making
Jace Garrett, judgment and decision making, auditing, trust
Joy Gray, fraud detection, internal auditing, audit ERP systems
Allen Hartt, behavioral Accounting, capital markets research
Mary Parlee, auditor judgment and decision making, auditing education
Michael Ruff, managerial accounting and auditing
Jenna Burke, Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures; Integrated Reporting; Corporate Governance
Kara Dugas, Auditor Judgment and Decision Making; Audit Education
Candice Hux, Audit Education; Auditor Judgment and Decision Making
Andrew Stuart, Corporate social responsibility, governance, sustainability reporting, integrated reporting

Changan Zhang, social network analysis, quantitative business analysis
Joseph Dery, Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining
Jessica Zinger, Prediction Markets, Crowdsourcing and Optimization
Tao Li, Business Analytics, Statistical Modeling

Michele Jurgens (Candidate), Harold  S. Geneen Institute Fellow
Paul Ledoux, ethics and corporate social responsibility
Luisa F. Melo, corporate governance, international policy
Gary Ottley, marketing strategy, socially responsible business, socially conscious marketing

Quang "Neo" Bui, innovation and technology adoption
Anna Karpovsky, IT strategy, user interaction
Mark-David McLaughlin, IT strategy, IT security
Kevin Mentzer, IT sourcing strategies, CIO effectiveness and interaction with top management teams, administrative innovation for IT
Diamantis Falidas, IT Strategy
Wenxiu Nan (Vince), Information Systems Strategy, Business Value of IT

Nora Junaid, Topics in Organizational Behavior
Michele Jurgens (Candidate), multinationals, knowledge management
Anna Karpovsky, strategy
Paul Ledoux, business ethics, strategic and product innovation
Opal Leung, careers, transitions, role theory, occupations
Luisa F. Melo, emerging market multinationals, institutions and multinationals
Kenneth Mullane, teamwork, leadership, project management
Su Zhang, strategy, corporate governance
Roisin Donnelly, International Business, Foreign Direct Investment, Global Strategy
Vasilia Vasiliou

Junhong Wang (Emma),