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Current PhD Students

Jenna Burke, (Geneen Fellow) (Candidate) Environmental, social, and governance issues in corporate governance and audit
Catherine Byrne
Kara Dugas, Auditor judgment and decision making; audit education
Joy Gray, (Candidate) Fraud detection; internal auditing; audit ERP systems
Candice Hux, (Candidate) Audit education; auditor judgment and decision making
Anne Lastowski
Melissa Reville, (Geneen Fellow)
Andrew Stuart, (Geneen Fellow) Corporate social responsibility; governance; sustainability reporting; integrated reporting

Olga Biedova
Joseph Dery, Analytics; data science; data mining
Tao Li, Business analytics; statistical modeling
Fernanda Araujo Maciel
Funda Sarican
Chao Wang

Mark-David McLaughlin, (Candidate) IT strategy; IT security
Wenxiu (Vince) Nan, Digital innovation; value creation in digital platform; and crowdfunding

Naeimah (Naomi) Alkhurafi
Róisín Donnelly, (Rauch Fellow) International business; foreign direct investment; global strategy
Sami Ghaddar, (Geneen Fellow)
Nora Junaid, Topics in organizational behavior
Paul Ledoux (Candidate), Business ethics; strategic management and product innovation
Kenneth Mullane, (Candidate), Virtual teams; ethical climate; trust
Quinn Pogvara, (Center for Women in Business Fellow)
Vasilia Vasiliou, (Center for Women in Business Fellow ) (Candidate) Corporate culture; leadership; career barriers that women face; gender diversity and corporate boards
Jessica Zinger, (Candidate), Employee incentive structures; prediction markets

Ivan Fedorenko
Emma (Junhong) Wang, mindful marketing; marketing strategy; marketing technology