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Funding and Support

Student Scholarship

All students accepted onto the program will receive a scholarship that will cover their tuition fees for each academic year provided they remain in good academic standing. As part of the admission process, students are automatically considered for all available stipends. Students on a stipend can assume a research position on campus or engage in other forms of employment but must obtain permission from their academic adviser.

Student Stipends

If you are accepted into the program, you are provided with a stipend for living expenses, plus free tuition and university-provided health insurance. Stipend amounts range from $26,500-$36,000 per year for living expenses depending on the funding source. Students will remain eligible for stipends and health insurance for as long as they maintain good academic standing (that is, passing all classes and comprehensive exams). Students accepting these stipends will be expected to teach one course per semester in their third and fourth years. Students will not ordinarily be allowed to work (other than teaching) during the academic year in which they receive a stipend. Stipend funding is guaranteed for the first four years with the fifth year contingent on student progress in the program. The program provides stipends both directly and through other funding sources.

Other Sources

Rauch Doctoral Fellowships: Thanks to a generous endowment from the Rauch family, we are pleased to be able to award a Rauch Doctoral Fellowship to a student in the next entering class. Rauch Fellows are identified by the PhD Council during the application review and selection period. Newly enrolled students in both the PhD in Business and PhD in Accountancy programs are considered for this prestigious fellowship. The Rauch Doctoral Fellowship is awarded to a top incoming student demonstrating great promise to make a significant impact in their respective academic field. The fellowship will continue through graduation, assuming the student remains in good academic standing. 

Harold S. Geneen Institute Fellowships:  With the assistance of the Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust, Bentley University has built upon its record of innovation and excellence through the Harold S. Geneen Doctoral Fellowships. Geneen Fellows pursue directed, leading-edge research on important corporate governance issues through the Harold S. Geneen Institute of Corporate Governance, a consortium of faculty and PhD students dedicated to researching social, comparative and reformative approaches to governance.

The Harold S. Geneen Institute of Corporate Governance is offering two PhD fellowships in 2015 in the following broad areas of corporate governance:

  1. Ethics and corporate boards
  2. Regulation and compliance
  3. Social and environmental reporting
  4. Corporate social responsibility
  5. Executive compensation
  6. Corporate goverance and women in leadership positions

We have a special interest this year in recruiting applicants whose research is at the intersection of compensation and corporate governance

For those wanting to apply to the Geneen Fellowship in Corporate Governance, please note this intention on your application. For more information and qualifications go to Geneen Institute.

Center for Women and Business: The Center for Women and Business supports doctoral students engaged in several topic areas.  These areas include women’s careers and leadership development, corporate boards, entrepreneurship, gender issues, diversity issues and legal issues.  Doctoral fellows are also involved with the Center, having access to its resources, faculty and programs.  These types of research issues have become a fast growing area, especially in Management, and Bentley is a global leader in the study of women in business

Center for Integration of Science and Industry:  The Center supports doctoral students interested in examining the translation of scientific discoveries into business success and/or public benefit.  The Center undertakes research in areas such as product development, environmental policies and business, sustainability, risk assessment, innovation and patents, managerial decision making and technology, and CSR.   The Center has a research staff of faculty, post-doctoral fellows and students.  The Center’s research intersects well with specializations in Data Analytics, Management and Information Process Management.   Doctoral students working through the Center have numerous opportunities for co-authoring with Center faculty and post-docs.

Conference Support

The PhD program provides financial support for doctoral students to participate in both domestic and international conferences.

Other Financial Aid

Students may be eligible for need-based aid. Please see the graduate student web page for more information.