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Visiting PhD Students

Daniela Gimenez (Germany/Spain), 2015
Visiting PhD Student
PhD Candidate, Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany

Daniela came to Bentley for the fall 2015 semester to work with Prof. Linda F. Edelman.  Professor Edelman teaches strategic management and innovation.  Her resesearch research examines small firms, women, and nascent entrepreneurs.

During my education and research experience I discovered my interest in entrepreneurship and SME’s management. In particular, I consider the increasing influence of women leadership in family and non-family-owned SMEs an interesting and inspiring issue to investigate. I realized that obtaining a PhD degree, not only would help me in enhancing my professional knowledge and expertise but rather give me the possibility to contribute in the progress of the area. Furthermore, I believe that a PhD thesis in this topic would allow both researchers and practitioners to deepen knowledge and its impact. On one hand, the importance of women leadership should be analysed theoretically and empirically in order to understand the phenomenon and its implications.

Gabriela Pereira (Brazil), 2014Pereira 
PhD Student

Gabriela is a PhD candidate studying Business Administration at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Her dissertation and other research interests include Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for development, e-government, IT management and governance, and Digital Cities. She has focused her field work in emergency/incident command and control centers and has begun a pilot study in United States. Gabriela came at Bentley to work with the Bentley academic community and Professor M. Lynne Markus, who is a well-known researcher in the area of ICT and Societal Challenges, thus providing an international dimension to her work. She is also interested in collaborating on field research and participating in courses and other events relevant to her research.

Ayşegül Özbebek Tunç (Turkey), 2014
PhD Student

Aysegul's is a doctoral student from Istanbul University.  Her dissertation is titled "Organizational Ambidexterity," which explores how organizational ambidexterity can alleviate worker alienation.

Joanna Chudzian (Poland), 2013
Post-doctoral Studies

Joanna is from Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she studied economics.  Her main research focus is on consumer behavior.

Arisa Shollo (Greece), 2012 
PhD Student, IT Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Arisa is an Industrial PhD student in the IT Management department at Copenhagen Business School. Her dissertation focuses on the use of analytical data in organizational decision making in the context of IT project portfolio management. Being in the third year of her studies, Arisa came at Bentley to focus on her dissertation - mainly with regard to the analysis of her data under the guidance of The University Distinguished Professor, Bob Galliers. Arisa participated in the Business Workshop Seminars and various research seminars held both at Bentley and in the broader Boston academic community.

Prof. Galliers' expertise in combination with Bentley's stimulating environment provided the right basis and inspiration for her dissertation work. Her experience at Bentley, and we quote, "was an amazing journey, where I deeply enjoyed the rich exchange of ideas with Prof. Galliers, his enthusiasm and support, that made me grow tremendously both professionally and personally". She is also grateful to Prof. Sue Newell who helped in organizing the visit and also commented on Arisa's work, as well as to all the PhD students at Bentley “who made her stay even more enjoyable and fulfilling”.

Liang Li (China), 2011
Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Liang is a second year PhD student. Funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), he is working with Prof. Sue Newell, investigating how information systems are used to exercise organizational control in the Chinese business context. Liang is particularly interested in qualitative research methods and participated in the Qualitative Methods course taught by Professor M. Lynne Markus. He also participated in the CIS/IPM Research Seminar. These valuable experiences are helping to sharpen his research skills and enrich his academic knowledge. Liang enjoys the abundant academic resources in the Bentley Library and the beautiful Bentley campus.

Jonas Onkelinx (Belgium), AY 2010-2011  
Katholieke Universiteit (K.U.) Leuven, Belgium

Since 2005, Jonas has been working as a researcher in the Strategic Context department at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. His research  focuses on international entrepreneurship and internationalization strategies of small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs). His PhD research is funded by the Intercollegiate Center for Management Science (ICM) fellowship, which enabled him to move abroad for one year. At Bentley University, he is working with professors Tatiana Manolova and Linda Edelman, of the management department. Their expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy and small firm internationalization provides a perfect complement to the adviser at K.U.Leuven.

Bentley’s beautiful and state-of-the-art campus provides a stimulating environment for learning and research. The people at Bentley’s Center for International Students and Scholars have been extremely helpful in planning my visit and making sure the transition went smoothly. I enjoy living in Waltham with my family and although the program at Bentley is very demanding, we manage to find some time to enjoy the area’s rich history and beautiful nature.

Mikko Hallanoro (Finland), Spring 2010
Turku School of Economics, Finland
M.Sc. in Economics (Information Systems Science)

Mikko worked for two years as a project researcher studying the agility of strategic information systems and management in large Finnish organizations, before embarking on his Bentley adventure. At Bentley, he was supported by Bob Galliers, University Distinguished Professor. The collaboration resulted in adjusting the focus of his dissertation. Mikko participated in the Information Systems (IS) course, and with Prof. Galliers, co-wrote a comprehensive review of IS strategy literature. He also collaborated with his colleagues in Finland on a book (Information Systems in Agile Organizations), published in Finland during his time in Boston. Modern technology now extends the collaboration with Professor Galliers, although Mikko has returned to Finland.

For Mikko, the stay at Bentley University was integral to his development as a research. He credits Professor Galliers in particular, with making the experience memorable. In Mikko’s words, his “scientific expertise would have been enough to amaze me, but the way I was welcomed in working with you and your positive attitude really was exceptional." He also extends many thanks to Professor Sue Newell, Bentley colleagues who helped with paperwork before the visit, and all the fellow PhD students at Bentley who made the time so enjoyable.

Hanna Timonen (Finland), Spring - Summer 2010
Aalto University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Hanna is a PhD student and project manager at Aalto University, where she has conducted several research projects in collaboration with Finnish companies. Hanna came to Bentley University to work on her PhD dissertation looking at knowledge processes and work practices in knowledge-intensive work. At Bentley, she was supported by Sue Newell, Cammarata Professor of Management and director of the PhD program.

During her time at Bentley, Hanna worked on the literature review and the qualitative data analysis related to her dissertation. In relation to this work, she finalized three working papers that were presented at international conferences during 2010: the International Conference for Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC), the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, and the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) conference.

For Hanna, the stay at Bentley was integral for her academic development in giving her time to focus on her PhD dissertation. She is extremely grateful for Professor Newell and the rest of the academic community at Bentley for making her time there significant and enjoyable. Hanna feels that her time at Bentley helped her to grow as a researcher and hopes to maintain all the contacts she made also in the future.

Kai Wu (Australia), AY 2009-2010
University of New South Wales

Kai came to Bentley University in his third year.  Sue Newell, Cammarate Professor of management and director of the PhD Program, was his adviser. Kai's research interest is in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System implementation. With Professor Newell, he was able to focus on qualitative analysis of longitudinal data, as well as theory development. He also participated in the Information Systems course with Prof. Bob Galliers and worked with Professor M. Lynne Markus, both of the information and process management (IPM) department.

For Kai, the stay at Bentley enriched his academic knowledge and personal development. He is grateful to Professor Newell for tremendous help with his research, and "also for her distinctive personality." In addition, the academic community and his colleagues at Bentley made this, a memorable time.

Sanjit K. Roy (India), Spring 2008
ICFAI University, India 
MS in Nuclear Physics, Presidency College, Kolkata
MBA, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Sanjit came to Bentley University for his third doctoral year, to work on his dissertation proposal with Professor Abdolreza Eshghi (Management) and Professor Raj Sisodia (Marketing). He proposed a model to link the customer metrics and financial performance of firms in the cellular telecommunications sector in India. He developed a research instrument, pretested while at Bentley, based on an extensive literature review.

Sanjit co-wrote various papers with his advisors and other Bentley faculty, including Dominique Haughton and Sam Woolford of the mathematics sciences department, a study on electronic marketing with Gul Butaney and Pierre Berthon of the marketing department, and a paper on service quality in the Indian cellular services sector with Professor Eshghi. The Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics, edited by Professor Haughton, accepted his study on Internet usage. He also published two book reviews in reputed journals and presented a paper on the application of SmartPLS at the 22nd New England Statistics Symposium, held at Suffolk University, Boston. For Sanjit, the experience of working with Professors Sisodia, Eshghi, and Haughton was significant and lasting.

Qing Liu (China), AY 2008-2009
Jinlin University, China

Qing spent his time at Bentley, working with Professors Linda F. Edelman and Tatiana S. Manolova of the management department, to research entrepreneurial orientation in China’s transitional economy, with particular focus on the innovation strategy of new ventures. In the first six months, he wrote a literature review on entrepreneurial orientation and transitional economy, and analyzed data collected from China. He submitted an abstract to the BCERC conference and in the second semester, explored the research framework to guide his inquiry.

Additionally, Qing worked with Professor William Johnson of management, on two papers based on the dataset from his research team in China. The first paper, “Patenting and Entrepreneurial Behavior in China: The Mediating Role of Technology Markets,” was accepted to The R&D Management Conference 2008 held in Ottawa, Canada; the second paper, “The Effects of Market Orientation and Innovation Strategy on New Venture in China’s Transitional Economy,” was targeted for submission to IEEE Transactions on Engineering and Management. Qing also  participated in the PhD Business Seminar with professors Sue Newell and Cynthia Clark Williams, and in the Quantitative Methods course with Professor Sam Woolford.