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Bus Charters

Peter Pan Bus Lines
Account Representative:  Tom Lynch, General Manager
Address: 333 Third Street, Chelsea MA  02150
t:  617.887-2200 ext. 1922
f:  617.887.0102

Local Motion of Boston, Inc.
Account Representative: Frank Hicks
Address: 66B Roscam Park Road, Braintree, MA 02184
t: 781.535.6344
f: 781.535.6028

Brush Hill Tours, Inc.
Account Representative: Mike Burkard
Address: 435 High Street, Randolph, MA 02368
t: 781.986.6100

TransAction Corporate Shuttles, Inc.
Account Representative: Lisa Cinella
Address: 5 Wheeling Avenue, Unit B, Woburn, MA 01801
t: 781.895.1100
f: 781.895.1122

Cavalier Coach
Account Representative: Joan Libby or Mary Casey
Address: 3 Dolphin Way, Boston MA 02210
t: 617.330.1234
f: 617.330.1344

C&W Transportation
(Traditional School Buses)
Account Representative:  Robin Snell
Address: 240 Bedford Street, Lexington, MA  02163
t:  781.862.4747
f:  781.861.6480

Description of Services Offered:  The above listed companies provide various types and sizes of equipment for bus charter service.  Please note that C&W offers traditional school bus services at a low cost for short trips.

How to Order:  Contact an account representative for pricing and to make a reservation.  

How is Billing Handled:  Orders of $5,000 or greater are to follow the normal Purchase Order process. Orders less than $5,000 should be charged to a Purchasing Card or invoiced directly to the respective department.

Please note; C&W Transportation does not accept credit cards as a means of payment.  Orders of less than $5,000 with C&W Transportation should be invoiced directly to the respective department.