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Fax Machines

Vendor: Conway Office Solutions, Inc.

Account Representative:  Jill Santolucito

Address: 800 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453 

t: 781.373.7549
f: 781.647.0247


Web Site:


Description of Services Offered:  Per a campus-wide agreement, Conway Office Solutions provides Bentley with new facsimile machines. 

How to Order a New Machine:  Contact Jill Santolucito at Conway Office Solutions for pricing and features on machines that Bentley has developed as standard equipment. 

Fax Machine Services: When an existing fax machine requires service, or requires toner, please contact the Copy Center at extension 2571.  An on-site technician will service the machine. Departments will be invoiced directly for repair services and fax supplies. Invoices should be paid using a Bentley Purchasing Card. Maintenance calls will be billed at a rate of $160 initial fee and $30 per 15 minutes exceeding the initial hour of service, plus any parts required. 

How is Billing Handled:  Purchasing Card