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Shipping and Recieving

Materials and equipment ordered by the Bentley community are received and processed through the Shipping and Receiving Department.

Items being shipped by the Bentley community are also processed through this department:

Shipping & Receiving Department
Bentley University
450 Beaver Street
Waltham, MA     02452-4705
PH: (781) 891-2278
FX: (781) 891-2082


When a department submits a purchase requisition or places a Purchasing Card order directly, the SHIP TO address should include your Department, Building Codes, and Purchase Order Number when applicable.

Departmental Name 
Building Code and Room Number
Purchase Order Number
450 Beaver Street
Waltham, MA 02452-4705

This information tells the trucking company the exact shipping address, the Purchase Order number that the materials are charged to, and the internal destination of the materials.

Once the materials have been received and are properly recorded against the Purchase Order, the Receiver will write the destination code on the materials and place into the campus delivery system, which is delivered by the Building and Grounds or Mail Room personnel depending on the size of the material. On-campus deliveries are completed on a daily basis.

One exception to this procedure involves computer hardware. As a rule, computer equipment for students is routed by Shipping and Receiving directly to Academic Computing Services (LIN 014). Computer equipment for Faculty and Administrative staff is routed by the Shipping and Receiving Department directly to Client Services (Miller 105).  Computer Equipment is inspected where the materials are inspected, committed to inventory and set-up for departmental usage. This process is intended to insure that the computer equipment is properly inspected, delivered and installed for the ordering department.


Returns to vendors:

If an item received is incorrect or damaged, the department should first notify the vendor and receive instructions to return item(s).

The item(s) should then be returned to Shipping and Receiving via the same means of transportation that it was received. (i.e.: If the Grounds Department delivered the shipment initially then a work order would be submitted to have the Grounds Department pick it up and return it to Shipping and Receiving. If the Mail Room delivered it to your department, arrange for the Mail Room to pick up the item for return.)

The sender is responsible for all items until Shipping and Receiving has signed for receipt of the item. Once the item has been received by Shipping and Receiving, it will be shipped according to the instructions provided by the department.

Shipments to customers (outgoing):

Packages which need to be shipped off-campus may be sent to Shipping and Receiving with a shipping label and cost center information. Shipping and Receiving will choose the most cost-efficient vendor for shipment.

Frequently, this will be United Parcel Service (UPS). If UPS is not preferred, you can suggest a shipping company to the Shipping Clerk at the time you request shipping services. Charges for shipments will be back-charged to the sending department. If the shipment is going to an international destination, the address must reflect the required mailing information applicable, and applicable customs forms must be included in the package(s).

United Parcel Services (UPS):

When an item is being returned via UPS, the original sender should be notified so that a Return Authorization Form can be requested. The package should then be sent to Shipping and Receiving to be returned to the appropriate vendor. There is no charge to the department for such shipments. Once again, all materials should be properly labeled for shipment.

To ship out to a customer via UPS, refer to the section above on Shipments to Customers. The department will be charged back for the shipment using the normal charge back procedures.

Personal Shipments:

Due to volume and security issues, incoming and outgoing shipments of personal items are not accommodated by the university. Please do not arrange to have such items delivered to the university's address. In turn, the university assumes no liability for receiving or delivering such items if sent to the campus.