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Special Procurement Policies


Because of the tax-exempt status of the university, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services cannot issue Purchase Orders for personal purchases.

Vendors who do business with Bentley University are under no obligation to offer discounts to individuals of the university.


A capital item or project is defined as having a monetary value of at least $10,000 and a usable life span of at least two (2) years. All such purchases should be processed as a Purchase Requisition to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services only after a completed Project Authorization Form (Exhibit H) has been processed through the Budget Office.

Levels of required authorization are defined by the specific functional effect and impact of any given capital item or project. A replacement, renovation, repair or enhancement costing less than $10,000 is considered an operating expenditure.


  1. Police Cruiser

  2. Outfitting a Conference Room.

  3. Installing a Security Alarm System.



Budgeting for these types of items is centralized and managed by the Vice President for Information Technology.  This requirement is intended to ensure continuity in our computer acquisitions relating to interface ability, standardization and support capabilities.

Requests for computer hardware and software are to be submitted to Jonathan Everett, Director of Client Services, at extension 2509 during the university's annual budget process.


Contract documents must be signed on behalf of the college by an authorized buyer of Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services, and be substantiated by a Purchase Order. 

Departments must remit duly authorized Purchase Requisitions to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services for any such contract arrangements. Also in this category are certain items covered by supply, maintenance and service contracts.

Original signed contracts exceeding $100,000 must be reviewed by the Vice President for Business and Finance, Treasurer and submitted to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services upon execution to be centralized and maintained on file.


All forms of lease, lease-purchase or rental agreements for the procurement of material or services must be signed on behalf of the university by an authorized buyer from Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services.

Regardless of the time period involved in these agreements, a formal Bentley Purchase Order will be issued. The issuing department should indicate whether it is a new or renewal agreement. The lease/rental agreement must accompany the requisition.

Prior to accepting such agreements as submitted by the requisitioning department, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services will request that the Financial Operations Office perform an analysis to determine the economic soundness of whether the goods or services should be leased or purchased.

Some of the factors which will be considered in making this determination are as follows:

    1. Title: Who retains title to equipment?

    2. Liability: Who is responsible if the equipment is stolen or damaged?

    3. Insurance: Does the vendor carry sufficient insurance on his/her employees when rendering services and/or is the equipment adequately insured?

    4. Maintenance: Are all maintenance costs included in the original cost of the lease or is the university responsible for maintaining the equipment at its own expense?

    5. Pay Back Period: If the university were to make an outright purchase, what is the pay back period, and what credits are accumulated in the event that a Lease Purchase Agreement is executed?


Purchase Orders are not used to process requests for temporary help. Such requests should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

Bentley University has designated Office Depot as the official provider of Office Supplies.  The Master Contract, which has been established, includes favorable pricing and service to the university.

All product inquiries or orders should be managed on-line through Office Depot's Business Service Division at:

For more information regarding this program, contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456.

Office Supply Returns:

To return an item contact the customer service department at 508-460-5011 with the order number and product number of the item you are returning.  The item(s) will be picked up by the route driver on the next delivery to your office.


The university operates an in-house Print Shop which may satisfy many departmental printing needs. When the services of an outside printer are required, the requisitioning department should contact the Marketing Communication Office.  Purchase Requisitions for outside printing services in which the product is intended for external distribution must be approved by Marketing Communication.

In conjunction with Marketing Communication, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services will screen potential vendors and maintain a list of viable printing resources. When individual Purchase Requisitions are received by Marketing Communication, vendor selection for a job will be made in accordance with normal purchasing policies.

As required, originals of solicited quotes must accompany all requisitions. If the suggested vendor is not the lowest bidder, it is incumbent upon the requester to provide justification for recommending the vendor selected, with the respective Purchase Requisition and quotes.


When a department needs to purchase continuous feed forms, they should contact the Manager of Systems and Network Operations at extension 2710. The manager will assist the user in determining form specifications and will coordinate the purchase of such forms.


Business card orders are placed on-line through the Marketing Communication Department on a Business Card Request Form. A Business Card Request Form must be completed each time a set of cards is ordered.  Simply fill in the appropriate information and click on the submit button to send your order to the Marketing Communication Department.

Quick Reference: Business Cards


Purchases involving the use or installation of utilities (gas, water, electricity, or steam) which require the services of an engineer must be approved by the Facilities Management Department before a Purchase Order is issued. Questions regarding telephone installation and charges are to be directed to the Telecommunications Department.


Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services has designated Corris Rental & Repair as the exclusive provider for typewriter repair and service.  These services are provided on an as needed basis and are the sole responsibility of the requesting department.

To request service, contact Corris Rental & Repair at 781-894-9822.  Payment should be made using the Bentley University Purchasing Card (MasterCard Credit Card).  If you do not have a Bentley University Purchasing Card please contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456.


All departmental copiers are provided through a campus-wide contract, which includes service. When a copier requires service, please contact the Copy Center Operations Manager at extension 2571. If you need training to operate a copier in your area, contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456.

Copy paper may be ordered by contacting Stephanie Phelps of Office Depot at 603-496-4375.  All orders placed by 3:00 PM will be delivered the next business day.

Toner, developer and fuser oil are included in the campus-wide contract and are maintained by the contractor on campus. You may request these items by calling the Copy Center at extension 2571.


Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services monitors all Food and Beverage Vending machines on campus. As such, any problems relating to machines on campus or other vending issues should be relayed to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456.

Faculty and staff members as well as Graduate students, commuters and visitors may call the snack vendor, P&J's Vending, directly for a refund at (800) 649-8494. When calling P&J's Vending, please provide the machine number, location, description of item, amount of money lost on purchase and the date. In addition, the caller's name and address will be noted and a check will be mailed for compensation of the lost funds.


Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services has been delegated responsibility for the ultimate disposition of /offices/. In attempt to do so efficiently, they will be guided by various considerations, including alternate usage of defined surplus elsewhere on the campus.

Each department is authorized to define the utility value of an item from their own prospective unit, but Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services will determine any potential campus-wide value. As such, surplus items will first be considered for intra-campus reallocation. If this is not possible, disposition opportunities through resale, bartering or donation will be explored prior to the outright disposal of such goods.

It is incumbent upon each department to notify Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services when an item has been deemed unusable due to obsolescence, disrepair or lack of functional need. In this event, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services will coordinate the removal of the item and proceed with the disposition as determined appropriate.

Although accountability on an ongoing basis is the responsibility of department managers, the university requires a constant reconciliation to the general ledger. Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services will be the median for this exercise, completing and submitting Material Disposition Forms as deemed necessary.