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Surplus Assets

Surplus Assets are stored and managed by the Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services office.  When a usable asset is no longer needed by a respective department of the university, that asset is stored for redistribution.  Assets that no longer have a usable life are targeted for donation to local non-profit organizations, sold, or disposed of.

As a matter of policy, surplus assets are not made available for faculty, staff, or students to purchase.

Sale of Surplus Assets

When an asset is no longer needed by the university, our office researches qualified buyers who are required to submit a bid for the purchase of such equipment. All revenue generated by the sale of surplus material is deposited to a general fund and is not reallocated to individual departments.

Charitable Donations

Our office works with non-profit organizations and local schools in donating surplus assets that are no longer of use to the university. Many charitable organizations have benefited from these donations, including surplus dormitory and office furniture.

Removal of Used Furniture and Equipment

Any department that no longer has a use for an asset should contact our office to coordinate removal. When surplus furniture is stored, it is immediately made available for redistribution on campus. Assets are not stored for future use by specific departments.

Requesting Used Furniture and Equipment

To request furniture and equipment, please contact us at extension 3456.