Registration Policies and Information

Important Registration Policies and Related Information





When you register for a course via MyBentley you will automatically be enrolled in that particular course in Blackboard the following business day.  Blackboard accounts for new students will be created the day after their Bentley email accounts are generated (please refer to “Email Communication” below). Click here for more information.   Please note that some faculty post their Blackboard sites sooner than others. If you are having difficulty logging in and/or using Blackboard please contact the Student Computing Help Desk at 781-891-3122 or by email.



In order to pursue a certificate concurrently with your degree you must submit a formal declaration to the Registrar’s Office. You must also file a separate Graduation Petition for the certificate. A copy of the declaration can be found under forms.


Course Exceptions/Substitutions

To enroll in a course that is not listed on your MBA or MS program guide or MBA concentration worksheet as an approved course or elective, you must obtain approval in writing before enrolling in that course. For an MBA concentration course, contact your concentration adviser. All others contact their Program Director. Click here for a list of advisers and directors.



Credit Restrictions

Graduate students are restricted to the number of credits that they may register for in a given term. This number is based on the student’s program and the full time/part time status as declared on the admission application. ELMBA and MS+MBA students - 18 credit maximum. All others full-time: 12 credits; part-time: 9 credits. To request an increase in your maximum credit limit please send an email to Graduate Student and Academic Services, explaining why an increase is necessary this term.


Degree Audit Summary (DAS)

The DAS is a tool meant to assist students in tracking progress towards their degree. It should be used in conjunction with the program guides, concentration worksheets and your academic advisor/program director. DAS’s are updated twice per semester and are available for viewing via MyBentley. Simply log on, click on “Student Self-Service”, then “Main Menu”, then “Graduate Student Main Menu”, then “Academic Records Menu”, then “Degree Audit Summary”.   Students should check their DAS on a regular basis and report concerns to Kimberly McCusker, Associate Registrar.  Students who do not have a DAS (dual degrees, certificates, students who have completed a prior graduate degree at Bentley) will have a paper DRS on file at the Registrar’s Office which is updated and mailed out once a year and upon request.



Degree Requirements / Course Selection / Academic Advising

 It is your responsibility to register for courses which are appropriate for your program and for which you have the required prerequisites. For assistance in course selection please see the program guides, your Program Director or adviser.  To determine if a particular class or section is what you want/need, please contact the profes­sor/adviser/program director/fellow students, read past SETs (Student Evaluation of Teaching - available on the Registrar’s website) or syllabi.  Do the research BEFORE the class starts. The registration form in MyBentley will accept all course registrations, even if you do not have the pre-requisite for the course and/or the course will not count in your degree program.  Course selections are not monitored for program fit before, during or after registration.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to choose appropriate coursesErrors in selecting your courses could result in having to take more courses than are typically required to complete your degree requirements.


Directed Study/Tutorials

Students cannot register for a Directed Study/Tutorial via MyBentley or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.  Students interested in doing either should begin by contacting their adviser in the Graduate Student and Academic Services Office at 781-891-2348 or by email.  After all paperwork is complete and signed it will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for processing.


Dropping a Course

Not attending a class or simply notifying your instructor that you plan to drop his/her class does not constitute official withdrawal from a course. You must drop the course via MyBentley by the deadline date. If you have a hold on your account that prevents you from accessing the drop form in MyBentley, please refer to the “Holds” section below, as lack of access to the online add/drop forms is not a valid reason for failing to meet a deadline. All applicable fees will be assessed. Please refer to the Refund Schedule for deadline dates and refund amounts.


Email Communication

All university offices use email to communicate with students. Email communications may include notification of a cancelled course or pre-requisite violation, offering of a waitlisted seat, graduation information or other important news. All administrative email is sent to your Bentley Microsoft Outlook account, which may be forwarded to a work/home email; however be sure that your personal email account does not block email from Bentley or send it to a Junk Mail folder.

To view your current email address or to have your Bentley email forwarded to a home/work account, go to MyBentley, login with your username and password, and click on the following: Student Self-Service, Personal Information and Forward Bentley Email.

Email accounts for new students who have paid their deposit will have email accounts generated within 24 hours of completing the Technology Ethics Agreement. To access this agreement,  go to MyBentley, login with your username and password and view the Administrative Responsibilities Box.


Five – Year Master’s Candidate Program

Master’s Candidates who wish to enroll in Graduate level courses in their final undergraduate semester should visit the program website and review the “What is a Blended Term?” link.  Questions?  Contact Graduate Student and Academic Services by email or 781-891-2348.


Grade Mailers

If you need a copy of your grade for tuition reimbursement purposes, the Registrar’s Office requires a signed, written request. You may print a copy of the Status Letter request form fax it to 781-891-3428.  Please note that any special requests for a grade mailer will take 5-7 days to process.  



Please check MyBentley well before your assigned registration date, to view any holds which may prevent you from registering.  It is your responsibility to clear any holds on your student record.  Failure to do so may result in delayed registration and closed courses. Holds that prevent registration include: Financial Holds, Health Holds and Academic Holds.  To check for holds go to MyBentley, login with your username and password, and click on the following: Student Self-Service, Main Menu, Graduate Student Main Menu, Student Account Information and View Holds.

Please contact the appropriate office if you have a hold:

 Financial Hold for balances due: Student Financial Services 781-891-2171

 Health Hold for missing documentation: Center for Health & Wellness 781-891-2222

 Registration Hold for academic issues: Registrar’s Office  781-891-2177

If you have a hold on your account you will not be permitted to add or drop a course. Adding a course will only be permitted after the hold is cleared, and within the add/drop deadlines. If you need to drop a course and you have a hold on your account, please contact the Registrar’s Office in person in Rauch 111, by phone at 781-891-2177 or via fax at 781-891-3428.  You are still responsible for meeting all deadlines. Lack of access to the registration forms via MyBentley is NOT a valid reason for failing to meet a deadline.



Hybrid (Web) Courses

Courses with an HB section designator (ex. HB1, HB2..) provide students with an opportunity to attend classes either on campus or simultaneously online using Centra software. Click here for more information.  If you are having difficulty logging in and/or using Centra please email or call 781-891-2854 (help desk) or 781-891-3487 (during class).



Students cannot register for an internship via MyBentley or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.  Students interested in doing an internship should begin by contacting their adviser in the Graduate Student and Academic Services Office by email or 781-891-2348.  After all paperwork is complete and signed it will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Any courses dropped to accommodate an internship course registration are subject to the published refund deadline, regardless of the start date of the internship. Internship courses are subject to University grading policies and any Incomplete grades must be changed by the faculty within 60 days of the subsequent semester to avoid automatic conversion to an F grade.

International students may need to complete the internship registration process earlier to meet INS regulations. The International Services Office is the best source for the most updated regulation information.

For additional information about internships please click here.


 Level Restrictions

Graduate students who want to register for undergraduate courses must complete a course change form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office in Rauch 111or via fax at 781-891-3428. 



Your registration is tentative until prerequisites have been checked!  After the initial registration period, if we find that you have not met the prerequisites for your course, we will notify you via your Bentley email account (see “Email” above).  If you have not responded within the given deadline, we will drop you from the course.  For questions concerning a pre-requisite violation:  First Semester Students  contact Susan Lalli at 781-891-3403 or email and Continuing Students contact Lorraine McCue at 781-891-2185 or email.