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Questions About Sponsored Programs

Is there a possibility of funding within my area of research and if so, how can I find funding?  
There are many different funding opportunities available for a variety of areas of research.  We encourage you to refer to the links and resources on our website as well as e-mail your questions to Susan Richman.

Do I have to consult someone at Bentley before applying for funding?
Yes, if you are a faculty member any proposal to the government must be approved by the college before it is submitted.

Does Bentley provide assistance with proposal writing?
Please feel free to make an appointment with Susan Richman for further assistance.  Meanwhile, there are helpful guidelines available on our Proposal Development page. 

Will Bentley inform me of any funding opportunities that become available within my area of expertise?
Members of the faculty currently receive electronic Funding Opportunity notices in their areas of interest. Please notify Susan Richman if you wish to receive additional information. You may also refer to the Funding Opportunities page for current agency interests and deadlines. 

What should I do after the award is received and do I need to submit a budget? 
Please refer to our Award Administration section for general information and contact Susan Richman for further assistance.