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What are the expected costs of attendance?

Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for current rates.

I am a full-time undergraduate student. Why is my tuition rate less than the full-time rate?
In ordered to be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. If you are enrolled in less than 12 credit hours, you are charged as a part-time student and therefore charged for each individual class. Although the current charge may only be for each class, if you plan to enroll in enough courses to bring you to a full-time status, you should adjust the tuition accordingly and pay the anticipated balance. Please note if your financial aid was awarded based on full-time enrollment, your package will be adjusted if you do not enroll in at least 12 credit hours.

Why do I have to pay an activity fee and/or a technology fee?
The activity fee and technology fee are mandatory fees for all students. The activity fee partly subsidizes events that take place on campus. The technology fee covers software licenses, the use of the Bentley University network, labs, training facilities as well as the leased laptop computer (if applicable).


Why am I being charged health insurance?
All students enrolled at least three-quarter time (9 credits for undergraduate and 6.75 credits for graduate) are required to be covered by a U.S.-based health insurance. Please visit our Health Insurance page for additional information and instructions on how to waive out of, or enroll in, the school plan.

There is a financial hold on my account. What does this mean?

Financial holds are placed on accounts that are considered past due. This hold will prevent students from such things as: registration, obtaining transcripts and/or diploma, and participating in senior week activities (if applicable). If you live on campus and have a past due balance, you may be asked to formally move out of housing prior to the winter break. In additional to a financial hold, past due accounts are subject to late payment fees of $100.00.

What are the "Terms and Conditions of Payment Obligations" that I must agree to each term?

Financial Institutions (including colleges and universities) are required to be transparent with their policies/procedures and requirements. They also require proof that the consumer/student is aware of the policies and their responsibilities. Therefore, Bentley requires that all students registering for classes each semester, (i.e. incurring debt) acknowledge their obligations and the financial policies of the University by agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

How will I receive a bill?
Students will receive an e-mail notifying them an electronic bill has been generated and is available to view. If the student has set up a parent portal account, they will also receive an e-mail notification.


When is my bill due?

Please visit our Costs & Billing page and view the appropriate fact sheet for specific due dates.

What happens if I do not pay my bill on time?

A financial hold is placed on the account and it would be subject to a late payment fee. If the balance remains unpaid, it will be assigned to the Bentley University Collections Department. If the Collections Department is unable to make acceptable payment arrangements, the account may be assigned to a collection agency with additional consequences. 

Why am I receiving an error message when I attempt to access the billing & payment system?

If a student is able to login to MyBentley, but receives an error message after clicking the "E-Bill and E-Payment" link on the Finances tab, it may be due to a setting in the internet browser. Please view the "Check Browser Settings" in our "How To" area of this page. 

My parents (or another party) are responsible for paying the bill, will they be notified when it's due?
In order for a parent or other party to receive a bill notification, they must be set up with a MyBentley parent portal account. Please view the "Create & Maintain an Parent Portal Account" in the "How To" area of this page.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Please visit our Payment Options page for our available payment options. 

Are electronic payments secure?

Yes. Our business partner, CASHNet, has met all compliance standards and is regularly audited to ensure they are meeting the required security measures.


Why isn't my financial aid package listed on the bill?

The bill will reflect the financial aid package only if your financial aid file is complete. If required paperwork has not yet been received by the Office of Financial Assistance, your aid will not be listed on the bill. Also please note, outside scholarships do not automatically appear on the bill. Please notify Student Financial Services if you are receiving a scholarship other than one granted by Bentley.

How may I obtain a receipt for my payment?  
You may print out your account history using MyBentley. Click the "View Account Summary on BannerWeb" link under the "Finances" tab. For students seeking an itemized receipt to submit to their employers, please contact our office at 781.891.2162. 



There is a credit balance on my account. Will I get a refund?
You may receive a refund if you have a current credit balance on your account. All pending funds must be disbursed to your account prior to the refund being issued. If your account was paid by credit card, the refund will need to be issued back to the credit card. All refunds must be requested by completing a refund form. These forms are available in our office and also in our Forms page. Please note, if the credit balance is created by a disbursement of Title IV funds, the school must refund this credit to you.

I paid a dorm damage deposit last year, when will this money be refunded to me?
Residential Services conducts dorm damage assessments over the summer. If no damage was found, the credit will be issued back to your account. If damage is found, your account will either be credited a lower amount of the deposit or will be charged an additional amount, depending on the extent of the damage. If the refund of the deposit creates a credit balance on your account, you may request a refund of this balance. However, if there are any outstanding charges on your account, the deposit will be applied towards those charges.

If I have to leave school due to a personal physical illness or accident, is there a tuition insurance plan to cover tuition and fees?
As a supplement to the University Refund Policy, we are pleased to offer an insurance program, The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Please visit the Tuition Insurance page for more information.


View Bills, Make E-Payment & Enroll in a Payment Plan


  • Log in to MyBentley
  • Click on the Finances tab
  • Click the "E-Bill & E-Payment" link
  • Choose the appropriate link to either view bills, make a payment or enroll in a payment plan.


  • Sign in to your MyBentley Parent Portal with your username and password
  • Click the "Billing and Payments" tab
  • Click the "E-Bill and E-Payment link
  • Click the "Make Payment" link under "Your Account" box

Please view the example of where each option is located once you are logged in.


Access the 1098-T tax form

  • Log in to MyBentley
  • Click on "Student Self-Service"
  • Click on "Main Menu"
  • Choose appropriate student menu option (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Click "Student Account Information Menu"
  • Click "1098T Tax Information"
  • Enter the tax year
  • This form may be printed and is an exact copy of the actual 1098-T form.