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Where does Bentley’s trash go?

The trash compactors from LaCava and the Student Center get diverted to WeCare where we estimate 80% of this trash ends up as compost. The rest of Bentley’s trash goes to Covanta to be burned for energy. Learn more about trash to energy here.

Click the map below to see where Bentley’s trash, recycling and compost goes.  All of our facilities are within 50 miles of campus, while our recycling and compost facilities are within 15 miles of Bentley.

Some photos from the WeCare facility:

The trash is deposited in the tipping building

Digesters process and mix the waste to become a material that will eventually become compost

Tower Scrubbers: utilize advanced technology to remove particulate matter from the air

Biofilter building: Odorous air is pumped in the bottom layer of the building and is scrubbed clean by a natural layer of wood chips and microorganisms

Located off Route 495 in Marlborough, MA, WCE has a wide range of residuals management options, equipment and technologies with which to provide economical, turn-key, solutions to the most challenging of residuals management problems. MCE has obtained the US Composting Council’s (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance (STA), which means that MCE’s compost is under a relevant and accurate product assessment. The seal assures that the product is regularly sampled and analyzed with a standardized testing method.