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What is the LSM (Liberal Studies Major)?

The Liberal Studies Major (LSM) is a unique opportunity for Bentley students to stand out in a crowd-- to sharpen their competitive edge by demonstrating their ability to think analytically, critically, and creativity.

The LSM is an optional double major. It does not stand alone, but is an interdisciplinary second major that is paired with a primary major in a business discipline or with one of the arts and sciences majors requiring a significant business component.  The impulse behind the LSM is to help students increase the value and make meaning out of their liberal arts education at Bentley by combining some required courses in the general education curriculum with arts and science electives and some business electives under specific themes or concentrations.

The major is significantly different from the traditional liberal arts major--like philosophy or history or political science--that drills deep within a particular field of study.  Instead, it explores important themes that cut across many disciplines of the arts and sciences, such as ethics and social responsibility, global perspectives, media arts and society, and issues related to the environment; the major offers breadth with coherence. [Excerpt taken from Bentley LSM About Page]

Earth, Environment & Global Sustainability


Our Earth’s environmental issues and the sustainability of its resources will provide humanity with one of its biggest challenges for the foreseeable future. Scientific and technological solutions to environmental problems will be dependent on economic, political, and social constructs that will require global cooperation. This concentration provides students with a background in Earth or environmental systems together with global perspectives on the challenges of sustainable development.


LSMs consist of 8 courses of which 6 are Arts & Science Classes. For the EEGS LSM, students take 3-4 Natural and Applied Science courses and the rest from a pre-approved list of courses from a variety of disciples.

EEGS LSM Course Requirements

Additionally, the student enrolled in the LSM program is assigned as advisor who guides them through the process of creating an e-portfolio. The advisor must approve the student's semester course schedule plans through e-portfolio. At the end of every year students submit an annual retrospective piece where the student reflects on how the LSM-approved courses over the past year have made an impact on them. At the end, the student must also complete a culminating project.


For more information or to declare the Earth, Environment and Global Sustainability LSM Contact: David Szymanski

LSMs must be declared at a specific date before the end of the sophomore 2nd semester.