Electronics Recycling

There is a lot more to the lifecycle of electronics than most people know. Click on the video below to learn more!

Did You Know? Approximately 130,000 computers and 275,000 cell phones are thrown out each day in the United States alone!


Batteries, cell phones, hand-held electronics and ink jet cartridges

The Office of Sustainability has set up two electronics recycling stations for students, faculty and staff to recycle batteries, cell phones, small handheld electronics and small ink-jet cartridges.  One station is located on the ground floor of the Library (next to the client services desk) and the other is on the first floor of Morrison (outside of the Service Learning Office). These stations are for the above-listed items only, please do not leave any other items in or next to the stations.

Faculty and staff may also set aside batteries, cell phones, handheld electronics and ink-jet cartridges from department operations to be collected during monthly Tag & Snag events.


Laptop and Desktop Computers Provided by Client Services (the Help Desk)

Please contact Client Services for all questions related to Bentley-issued laptop and desktop computers.

Printers, fax machines, scanners and other large electronics

Faculty and staff recycling  Bentley-owned electronics (electronics provided by Client Services or purchased on a Bentley Purchasing Card).

Large Electronics from Home (Personal Electronics)

Learn how to recycle personal electronics.