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Green Building and Renovation

Bentley's Green Building Commitment

In the Climate Action Plan, Bentley University has committed to achieving LEED-Silver certification for all new construction and major renovations (renovations greater than 50% replacement value).  In addition, Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability work together on smaller upgrades and renovations across the campus to ensure that green building principles are being applied.

To find out more about the LEED system and further explanation of the renovations that Bentley has done over the last 3 years, click here.

Green Renovation Projects

*Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are chemicals released while the paint is in either a soild or liquid state. Through evaporation these chemicals polute the air and can have adverse health effects on organisms which come in contact with them. Low VOC paint contains levels of VOC which are considerable healthier than other paints.