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Green Dining

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Our Proud Partnership with Sodexo:

The Better Tomorrow Plan 

Sodexo is Bentley University's food service vendor. The Better Tomorrow Plan is Sodexo's plan for a better future. It's a place where nutrition, health and wellness, local communities and the environment matter.

Learn more about the plan by visiting Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan website.



Starting summer 2013, Bentley Dining is using a new food waste tracking system called LeanPath. Sodexo and LeanPath align with the Environmental Protection Agency that preventing and minimizing food waste offers the biggest opportunity for positive environmental impact. A statement from their website reads,
     “At LeanPath, we’re passionate about food waste prevention. That’s why we created the industry’s first and only automated food waste tracking system … [that] helped our customers cut food waste by as much as 80% and run greener, more sustainable operations.”

Click here to find out more about LeanPath.


Commitment to Local Food 

Bentley's Dining Services team works with Sodexo's prime vendors to source items locally wherever possible. Local products offered on a day are listed on the chalkboard in front of seasons (with milk, bread and ice-cream always local).Together with Bentley Office of Sustainability, local foods are always labeled to educate diners. Presently about 15% of food served in dining areas is sourced from local vendors. Sodexo's goal is to increase this number over the next several years.


Trayless dining 

Bentley University removed trays from all dining facilities in August 2008. This change cuts back on the excess food taken by students because they can only carry back what they can put on plates. Research conducted by Sodexo demonstrated that removing trays reduced food waste by one ounce per person, or approximately 52,000 pounds of food waste per academic year. Sodexo estimated that this saves ¼-gallon of water per tray by eliminating the need to wash the trays. Furthermore, energy savings are realized from reduced dish washing cycles and less detergent is introduced into wastewater. In addition to Sodexo's effort to go trayless, Sodexo has eliminated styrofoam cups used at Mein Bowl, Currito and La Cava.


Green Catering 

Sodexo provides catering clients with the option of purchasing alternate disposable products, such as biodegradable and compostable plates and silverware or those made from recycled materials, for catered events.  Sodexo also offers water stations with large Poland Spring water coolers at events rather than individual water bottles. By Sodexo opting to cater our on-campus events with compostable, or at the very least disposable products made from recycled materials, they are making it incredibly easy for anyone hosting an event on campus to become more sustainable. Other sustainable options are also available (and recommended!) such as opting for a water cooler over individual one-time use water bottles. It is very important to Bentley Sustainability to have and promote these ideas because large campus events serve many people and have the ability to cut back on a lot of waste.


Cooking Oil to Biofuel 

As of February 2012, Bentley's kitchens' grease containers are picked up and recycled by Cape Cod Biofuels. Learn more about Cape Cod Biofuels and how they are making strides by converting our kitchen grease into oil to heat local homes.

We are the only ASTM-certified producer of biodiesel in Massachusetts and we sell 100% of our biodiesel to Loud Fuel, located on Cape Cod. Loud Fuel then blends every gallon they sell of home heating oil, with our biodiesel. Our service and dependability is above all others. We currently service over 400 restaurant partners and 100% of all the grease we collect stays here in Massachusetts. Please take part in helping to reduce our environmental impact here on Cape Cod!"