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Green Your Office


8.8 is the number of hours an average working adult aged 25 to 50 spend in his or her office each day. Make a positive effect on your carbon footprint by reducing your environmental impact within your office. Most often, employees are not responsible for paying the energy bill but they are still responsible for their individual contribution to environmental decay. Consider the suggestions below as to how you can reduce your impact in the office with minimal effort.

Power. Strip.

What better way to control all your electronics than by plugging them into one single power strip? A power strip helps you place all your electical plugs into the same socket so that you can turn them all off and on when they are needed. Follow these tips to get the most out of your electric power strip:

- Set the strip somewhere that is at eye level; this will draw your attention to the little power indicator

- When leaving a room, power the whole strip off; this will reduce vampire power being used to power electrics not in use

- Consider what you manage, do not plug electronics like refrigators into your power strip


Set your lights lower - Our eyes can adjust to different light levels.

Let your pupils go to work! You do not need bright lights to be able to see clearly. Here's how to reduce your light usage without making it harder to see:

- Table & desk lamps can easily replace overhead flourescent lights

- If you already have regular light bulbs in your deskside lamps, use those first; then switch to LED of CFL light bulbs

-The same lighting principle applies to your monitor or laptop screen too. Most people simply do not need them set on maximum or medium brightness and contrast. Try adjusting yours down until you are uncomfortable, then increase by one step.


Green is your computer's favorite color

One of the simplest ways to save your computer battery and reduce energy used is to set your computer to "Power Saver" aka the green option.  Just set the below options on your computer and forget it!

- No screen saver is the best screensaver; no screensaver means less energy spent on unneccesary animation when you are away from your computer

- Physically shut your computer down if you are going to be away for a long period of time; the extra time it takes to turn it on is nothing compared to the energy saved.

- When leaving for a short period of time shut the monitor or put your computer on "sleep" - this saves energy and increases privacy.


Kill A Watt: Measure your progress

- Often times being sustainable means putting in effect for minimal physical changes

- If this is impacting your ability to green your office, consider purchasing a "Kill A Watt"

- These devices measure energy usage by Kilowatt-hour; use this to find out just how big of an impact your actions cause!