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Office of Sustainability Assistant

The Office of Sustainability employs one student for 10-12 hours per week during the academic year as an assistant. The primary role of this internship is general support for the Office of Sustainability (OOS). While it is the most fluid in terms of defined responsibilities, this includes overseeing the OOS’s communication plan, attending weekly OOS meetings to stay connected with staff, managing data collection for AASHE STARS, performing research and benchmarking projects, working with the Energy Manager to calculate cost savings analyses for efficiency upgrades across campus, and assisting in Faculty/Staff Eco-Rep meetings.

The skills necessary for this internship include proficiency in writing (spelling and grammar are essential), sustainability interest and engagement, creative thinking and problem-solving, and timeliness of correspondence.

Calvin Connors (2017) is the Office of Sustainability Assistant for the 2015/2016 academic year.



Green Dining Intern

The Green Dining intern works directly for Sodexo.  This student is responsible for promoting Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan to the campus community.  The primary role of this internship is to promote sustainability through food service on campus.  This involves working with waste, recycling and compost issues, local food, healthy food options and other promotional projects.  This student works directly with Sodexo Staff and students.

Ayesha Ludhani (2016) is the Green Dining Intern for the 2015/2016 academic year.


Greenbean Ambassadors

The Greenbean ambassador is in charge of the Greenbean Reverse Vending Machine (RVM).  This was a student initiated project and it continues to be student run.  Student ambassadors empty, clean and promote the machine.  They are also responsible for coordinating with the Greenbean company to arrange challenges and promotions on campus. 

The skills necessary for this internship include: Marketing and promotional skills, creative problem-solving, and professionalism in dealing with the campus community.

Zachary Roper (2017) and Mackenzie Klarsfeld (2016) are the Greenbean Ambassadors for the 2015/2016 academic year.


PR & Marketing Intern | Office of Sustainability Webmaster 

The PR & Marketing intern's primary goal is communication with the campus community and external communication about Bentley's sustianabiltiy progress. Internal communication responsibilities include writing press releases, acting with/as the Webmaster intern to post news blurbs on the website, and being a liaison to the Marketing department for ongoing projects like monthly GreenSteps. External communication responsibilities include managing the Office of Sustainability Twitter and Facebook feeds and submitting press releases to higher education bulletins and newsletters such as AASHE, Bloomberg, and GreenBiz. The skills necessary for this internship include proficiency in writing (spelling and grammar are essential), previous use and understanding of social media sites, sustainability interest and engagement, and timeliness of correspondence.  A major in marketing or IDCC preferred.  Students active in current sustainability programs on campus preferred. The expectation for this intern is to work about 7 hours per week.


As the Office of Sustainability Webmaster, the primary role of this intern is to continually assess the website’s format and content for additions that would make the site user friendly.  This includes correspondence with the Manager of Sustainability and acting as/with the PR/Marketing intern for additions to content and use of the Bentley website’s editing tool (Drupal 7).  Regular guidance and content is provided by Office of Sustainability staff.   

The skills necessary for this internship include website editing through programs like Drupal 7 (Drupal training will be provided), an understanding of website efficiency, and proficiency in writing (spelling and grammar are essential).  The ideal intern will respond to emails and project requests within 24 hours. IDCC or CIS majors preferred.  Students active in current sustainability programs on campus preferred.

Taylor Coli (2018) is the PR/Marketing Intern and the Office of Sustainability Webmaster for the 2015/2016 academic year

Summer Intern

Working about thirty hours per week, this intern's responsibilities encompass parts of each of the internships offered during the academic year, including implementing sustainability initiatives, creating outreach and educational documents and updating the Office of Sustainability website and social media sites. This intern is also involved in the strategic planning for the following fiscal year. The student works on this all while observing the back-of-house operations in Facilities Management which make our office's initiatives possible.