Recycling Office Supplies & Textbooks

What To Do With Old Office Supplies

Cleaning out your office? Here are your options to reduce, reuse and recycle office supplies at Bentley.

Reduce & Reuse by holding on to your office supplies for the next Office Swap. The Faculty & Staff Eco-Reps hold two office swaps per year. Click here for more info.


Can't wait? Try these alternatives:

For information on recycling CDs, floppy disks, computers, etc. check out our electronics recycling page.

Which office supplies can be recycled and which are trash?

Recycle Trash
Paper 3 Ring Binders
Manilla Folders Plastic Report Covers
Hanging File Folders (Pull out Metal) Plastic Sleeves (Used to hold loose leaf)


Textbook Recycling

Have old textbooks that you couldn't sell back?

Make better use out of them than just letting them gather in the back of a bookshelf - Donate them!

Where to donate:

There is a textbook drop box on the first floor of Morrison Hall - in the hallway outside of the copy center.

Where the books go:

Donated books are either donated to local education programs - such as Chesterbrook Learning Academy - or sold for profits to be donated to the same organizations.


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