Recycling in Residence Halls

A Recycling Center is located in or near every residence hall on campus. Recycling Centers are usually located on the first floor of each building, but due to architectural restrictions, Recycling Centers for Kresge, Forest, Rhodes, Cape, Castle and Stratton are located outside next to the building’s dumpsters.  Due to student requests the Recycling Centers in Orchard North, Fenway and Copley North and South were moved outside near their respective dumpsters. Each Recycling Center is provided with a minimum of two large, recycling totes.

Upon move-in, each apartment is provided with a tall recycling bin or "Slim Jim" while suites and freshman rooms are provided with small "desk-side" recycling bins. Students are responsible for bringing their own trash cans.

Students should use their room recycling bin to collect recyclables and empty this bin into the blue totes in their building's recycling center. The Facilities Managment Recyclers pick up residential building recycling every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday.

**Please make every effort to rinse recyclables, this will keep your room bin and the recycling stream clean**

Residence Hall

Recycling Center Location


Ground floor main lobby


First floor main lobby


Ground floor


Outside next to the Orchard North dumpster


Outside next to dumpster


Outside next to Kresge dumpster


Outside next to dumpster

Copley N and S

Outside next to the Orchard North dumpster


Outside next to the Orchard North dumpster

Boylston A and B

Laundry room


Student Mail Room


First floor of each building.

North Campus

Ground floor main lobbies and living rooms

Orchard North

Outside next to the dumpster

Orchard South

Ground floor main lobby


Outside next to dumpster 


Outside next to the Orchard North dumpster


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