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Reduce and Reuse

Reduce by Cutting Back and Opting Out

Cut Back

  • Print double-sided! Faculty and staff - this can cut your departments paper costs in half! Students - this saves your printing balance. 
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you when you leave your room or office, fill it up at the water stations located in the Lacava Lower Cafe or a water fountain.  Americans waste at least $350 per year buying single-use plastic water bottles.  
  • Save yourself money and protect your health by drinking tap water from a reusable bottle. Sign the Think Outside the Bottle Pledge.
  • If you bring your lunch to work or school every day, pack it in a reusable container or lunch bag.
  • Use reusable sandwich bags instead of plastic snack bags. 
  • Reduce packaging waste by buying in bulk.  For example: purchase a 32 oz. container of yogurt for the week instead of 6 individual containers (this will save you money as well!).
  • Bring a plate, silverware, mug and bowl to your office to use for lunch every day. 
  • Students living in apartments and suites: use reusable dishes and silverware instead of paper and plastic dishes and cutlery. 
  • Bring reusable shopping bags when shopping or attending the Bentley Farm Stand. Take this one step further with reusable produce bags that you can wash in the washing machine!  
  • Bring your travel mug to Einstein's or Starbucks for 25 cents off of coffee, cocoa or tea.

Opt Out

Junk mail is as annoying as it is bad for the environment. Receiving hundreds of clothing catalogues and credit card advertisements per year is a nuisance and a huge waste of resources.  The best possible solution is to opt-out of recieving these annoying pieces of mail by checking out the links below:     

Yellow Pages Opt-Out          

Valu-Pak Opt-Out         

Do Not Mail List


SELL IT - Sites like EbayCraigslist and FullDorm make it really easy to make a few quick bucks off your unwanted items. You can sell almost anything on Ebay! Many people will buy broken phones and ipods for parts, so don't throw away your broken Blackberry, instead list it on Ebay to make a quick $50.  (You can also recycle that Blackberry on campus)

GET IT FREE - Craigslist has a ton of free listings - many students have found free couches and other dorm room accessories. Getting furniture this way can save hundreds of dollars and can reduce your carbon footprint.  Looking for something easier than Craigslist? Check out Bentley's Give N' Go program at the end of each semester.  Bentley's Give N' Go team organizes a program where students can donate unwanted items and pick up items donated by other students for FREE!

Our moto is "USE LESS and RECYCLE THE REST!"  For tips on how to recycle on Bentley's campus check out our recycling page.  You can earn rewards to recycling and other environmentally friendly habits. Check out Recyclebank, once you register start tracking your environmentally friendly habits and earn points that can be redeemed for discounts at restaurants, book stores and other retailers.  Remember to spend your points wisely on eco-friendly or reusable products!

Before you purchase a new product watch this video about consumerism, in other words: The Story of Stuff